Which Is the Best Scanner App for Android?

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If you are someone who frequently uses their smartphone for scanning documents, receipts, photos and more, then you must know how important it is to have a good scanner app. Thankfully, there are a plethora of scanner apps available for Android devices that can help you digitize your documents with ease.

But with so many options, it can be hard to choose the right one. In this article, we will discuss some of the best scanner apps for Android that you can use to make your life easier.


CamScanner is one of the most popular scanner apps for Android devices. It has a user-friendly interface and allows you to scan and save your documents in various formats including PDF and JPG.

The app also offers features like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that lets you extract text from scanned images and convert them into editable text files. CamScanner also has cloud integration options like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and more which makes it easy to share your scanned files.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is another great option if you are looking for a reliable scanner app for your Android device. This app is free to use and offers features like automatic scanning, OCR technology, and easy cloud integration with Adobe Document Cloud so that you can access your scanned documents on any device. Adobe Scan also has an intuitive interface that makes scanning documents a breeze.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens is another popular scanner app that comes from the tech giant Microsoft itself. This app offers some unique features like whiteboard mode which lets you capture notes from whiteboards or blackboards easily.

The app also allows you to save your scans in various formats such as PDF, JPG or Word file format. Moreover, Microsoft Office Lens integrates seamlessly with OneDrive and other Microsoft applications which makes sharing scanned files even easier.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage and file-sharing app that also offers a scanner feature. The app allows you to scan documents, receipts, and more with your smartphone camera and save them directly to your Google Drive account. The scanner feature is integrated into the Google Drive app which means that you don’t need to download any additional apps to use it.


In conclusion, there are several great scanner apps available for Android devices. Each app has its own unique features and advantages. CamScanner is a great option for those who want cloud integration options whereas Adobe Scan offers advanced OCR technology.

Microsoft Office Lens is perfect for students or professionals who need to capture notes from whiteboards or blackboards. Finally, Google Drive is an excellent choice for those who prefer a simple solution that integrates with other Google applications seamlessly. Choose the one that best suits your needs and start scanning today!