Which App Is Com Google Android GMS?

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If you’re an Android user, you might have come across an app named “com.google.android.gms” on your device. This app is a crucial part of the Google Play Services package that provides core functionality to Android devices. In this article, we’ll discuss what com.gms is and why it’s important for your Android device.

What is com.gms?

Com.gms is a package name for Google Play Services. It’s a background service that runs on your Android device and provides essential features to other apps installed on your device. The purpose of Google Play Services is to update Google apps and apps from the Google Play Store, enhance security features, and provide access to new user privacy settings.

Why is com.gms important?

Google Play Services, including com.gms, is essential for the proper functioning of many apps on your Android device. Some of the critical functions provided by this package include:

  • Push notifications: GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) that allows apps to send push notifications to users.
  • Google Maps API: Provides mapping functionality and location-based services.
  • Google Sign-In: Allows users to log in using their Google credentials instead of creating new accounts.
  • Google+ API: Provides social media integration via features like sharing and sign-in.

Without these core functionalities provided by com.gms, many apps would not work correctly or would be unable to access essential services like location tracking or push notifications.

Can I disable or uninstall com.gms?

Technically speaking, it’s possible to disable or uninstall com.gms from your device. However, doing so can cause significant problems with other apps that rely on it for various critical functions. If you do manage to disable or uninstall it, you’ll likely experience issues with apps that require Google Play Services to work correctly.


In summary, com.gms is a crucial package for Android devices. It provides core functionalities to many apps installed on your device, including location tracking, push notifications, and social media integration.

While it’s technically possible to disable or uninstall it, doing so can cause significant problems with other apps that rely on its functionality. So, if you’re an Android user, it’s best to leave this app as is and keep it updated for the best user experience.