What’s the Best Free Music Making App for Android?

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Are you an aspiring music producer looking to create some beats on your Android device? With so many music-making apps available on the Google Play Store, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best free music-making apps for Android.

1. FL Studio Mobile

If you’re familiar with music production software on your desktop, you might have heard of FL Studio.

The mobile version, FL Studio Mobile, is a powerful app that lets you create multi-track projects with a variety of instruments and effects.

With its intuitive interface and extensive range of features, FL Studio Mobile is great for beginners and experienced producers alike. You can sequence drum patterns, record audio, use virtual instruments and mix your tracks all within the app.

2. Walk Band

Walk Band is another popular music-making app for Android that offers a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, bass and drum kit.

It also includes a built-in metronome to help you keep time while recording.

The app has a simple interface that makes it easy to use even if you’re not familiar with music production software. One unique feature of Walk Band is its ability to connect to external MIDI devices for even more options when creating your tracks.

3. Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is a powerful music-making app that offers a variety of synthesizers and effects modules for creating electronic music.

It also includes a sequencer and mixer for arranging your tracks.

The app has a modular design which allows you to connect different modules together in any configuration you like. This gives you virtually limitless options when it comes to creating unique sounds.

4. G-Stomper Studio

G-Stomper Studio is a feature-packed music-making app that offers a variety of instruments, effects and sequencers.

It’s great for creating electronic music but also includes acoustic instruments like guitar and piano.

The app has a modular design which allows you to create your own custom workflow. You can combine different sequencers and effects together to create unique sounds that are all your own.

5. Walk Band – Multitracks Music

If you’re looking for an all-in-one music-making app, Walk Band – Multitracks Music might be the right choice for you.

It includes a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, drum kit and bass as well as virtual instruments like synth and organ.

The app also features a built-in mixer and sequencer for arranging your tracks. You can even import MIDI files to use in your projects.


Creating music on your Android device has never been easier thanks to these great free music-making apps. Whether you’re an experienced producer or just starting out, there’s an app on this list that will suit your needs.

  • FL Studio Mobile – For multi-track projects with a variety of instruments and effects.
  • Walk Band – For simple interface with a variety of instruments and external MIDI device support.
  • Caustic 3 – For modular synthesizers and effects modules with limitless configuration options.
  • G-Stomper Studio – For feature-packed electronic music creation with customizable workflow.
  • Walk Band – Multitracks Music – For an all-in-one solution featuring a variety of instruments, mixer, and sequencer.

Try out a few of these apps and see which one works best for you. Happy music-making!