What Is the Message App on Android?

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The Message app on Android is a pre-installed messaging application that allows users to communicate with others via text messages. This app comes already installed on Android devices and can be accessed by clicking on the green icon with a white message bubble. In this article, we’ll explore what the Message app is, how it works, and its features.

What Is the Message App on Android?

The Message app is an essential part of every Android device. It offers a convenient way to send and receive text messages without needing to download any additional software. Once you open the app, you can see all your conversations in one place, making it easy to keep track of your messages.

How Does It Work?

To use the Message app, you need to have a mobile phone number that’s linked to your Android device. Once you’ve set up the app with your phone number, you can start sending text messages to other people who also have mobile phones. The process is straightforward: compose your message, enter the recipient’s phone number or choose from your contacts list, and hit send.


The Message app has several features that make it user-friendly and convenient for everyday use. Here are some of its key features:

Group Messaging: You can create group chats with multiple people at once and send messages to everyone in the group simultaneously.

MMS Messages: You can send multimedia messages (MMS) using this app. This feature allows you to attach pictures, videos, or audio files to your text message.

Emojis: You can add emojis (small icons that represent emotions) to your messages for added expressiveness.

Delivery Notifications: You can receive delivery notifications when someone has received or read your message.

Blocking Contacts: If someone is bothering you with unwanted messages, you can block their number from the Message app.


The Message app on Android is a simple and convenient way to send and receive text messages. It comes with features like group messaging, MMS support, emojis, delivery notifications, and contact blocking that make it an excellent choice for everyday use. If you’re new to Android or are looking for an easy-to-use messaging app, the Message app is definitely worth checking out.