What Is the Best Free OBD2 App for Android?

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If you own a car, you may have heard of the term OBD2. It stands for On-Board Diagnostics and is a system that monitors your vehicle’s performance and provides information about any issues it may be facing.

With the help of an OBD2 scanner and an app, you can easily diagnose problems with your car on your own. In this article, we will discuss the best free OBD2 app for Android.

What is an OBD2 App?

An OBD2 app is a mobile application that connects to your car’s OBD2 system via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It reads data from the system and displays it on your smartphone or tablet. You can use the app to diagnose problems with your car, monitor its performance, and even track your fuel economy.

Why Use an OBD2 App?

Using an OBD2 app has several advantages over traditional methods of diagnosing car problems. For one, it is much cheaper than taking your car to a mechanic.

You can diagnose most common issues yourself with the help of an app. Additionally, it gives you real-time information about your vehicle’s performance and allows you to take corrective action before a small issue turns into a bigger problem.

What to Look for in an OBD2 App?

There are many free OBD2 apps available on the Google Play Store. Here are some things to consider when choosing one:

  • Compatibility: Make sure the app is compatible with your car’s make and model.
  • User Interface: The interface should be easy to use and navigate.
  • Data Accuracy: The readings provided by the app should be accurate.
  • Real-Time Data: The app should provide real-time data about your car’s performance.

The Best Free OBD2 App for Android

After researching and testing several free OBD2 apps, we have found that Torque Lite is the best option for Android users. Here are some of its features:

  • Compatibility: It works with most OBD2 compliant vehicles.
  • User Interface: The interface is easy to use, with customizable gauges and graphs.
  • Data Accuracy: The app provides accurate readings, including real-time data.
  • Real-Time Data: The app provides real-time data about your car’s performance, including speed, RPM, and temperature.

Other Features of Torque Lite

In addition to the above features, Torque Lite also offers:

  • Fault Code Reader: It can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs).
  • Vehicle Profiles: You can create profiles for multiple vehicles and switch between them easily.
  • Data Logging: You can log data to a CSV file for later analysis.
  • Customizable Alerts: You can set up alerts for specific parameters, such as low fuel level or high coolant temperature.


If you’re looking for a free OBD2 app for your Android device, Torque Lite is the way to go. Its user-friendly interface, accurate readings, and real-time data make it the best option available. With this app installed on your phone or tablet, you’ll be able to diagnose problems with your car quickly and easily.