What Is the Best Free Calendar App for Android?

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Are you tired of missing important events or appointments? Do you need a reliable way to keep all your schedules organized in one place? Well, look no further than the best free calendar apps for Android!

Why Use a Calendar App?

Before we dive into the best free calendar apps for Android, let’s talk about why you should be using one. A calendar app can help you stay on top of your schedule and ensure that you never forget an appointment or event again. With a good calendar app, you can easily set reminders, create recurring events, and even share your schedule with others.

Top Free Calendar Apps for Android

Now that we’ve established the importance of a good calendar app, let’s take a look at some of the best options available for Android users.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most popular and widely used calendar apps available on Android devices. It comes pre-installed on most Android phones and is completely free to use.

With Google Calendar, you can easily create events, set reminders and share your schedule with others. It also integrates seamlessly with other Google services like Gmail and Google Maps.

  • Pros: Free, easy to use interface, integrates with other Google services.
  • Cons: Limited customization options.

Jorte Calendar & Organizer

Jorte is another great option for those looking for a powerful yet free calendar app on their Android device. It offers plenty of customizable features including different themes and widgets to choose from. You can also sync Jorte with your Google account to ensure that all your events are up-to-date across all devices.

  • Pros: Customizable interface, easy syncing across devices.
  • Cons: Some features are only available in the paid version.

Business Calendar 2

If you’re looking for a calendar app that is specifically designed for business use, then Business Calendar 2 might be the perfect fit for you. It offers a wide range of features including the ability to view multiple calendars at once and create complex recurring events. The app also has a sleek and professional interface that is easy to navigate.

  • Pros: Designed for business use, customizable interface.
  • Cons: Limited free version, some features require payment.


In conclusion, there are plenty of great free calendar apps available for Android users. Whether you’re looking for something simple and easy to use or a more complex app with advanced customization options, there’s an option out there for everyone. Try out some of the options listed above and find the perfect calendar app to help keep your schedule organized and on track.