What Is Street View Android App?

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Street View is a popular Android app developed by Google that allows users to explore and navigate through 360-degree panoramic street-level images. With Street View, you can virtually visit any location around the world and get a realistic view of the surroundings.

Features of Street View Android App

1. Interactive Panoramic Views:
One of the key features of Street View is its ability to provide interactive panoramic views.

This means that you can move your device around or swipe your finger on the screen to explore different angles and perspectives of a specific location. It gives you a sense of being physically present in that place.

2. Real-Time Images:
Street View offers real-time images, which means you can see the actual view as it currently exists. This feature is particularly useful for checking out places before visiting them, exploring landmarks from different angles, or simply satisfying your curiosity about a particular location.

3. Navigation and Directions:
The app also provides navigation and direction features, allowing users to plan their routes and get directions using Street View imagery. You can easily switch between map view and street view to get a better understanding of your surroundings and landmarks along the way.

4. Indoor Maps:
In addition to outdoor locations, Street View also offers indoor maps for certain buildings such as museums, airports, shopping malls, and more. This feature allows users to explore these places virtually without physically being there.

How to Use Street View Android App

Step 1: Download and Install:
To use Street View on your Android device, first download the app from the Google Play Store and install it like any other application.

Step 2: Open the App:
Once installed, open the Street View app from your app drawer or home screen.

Step 3: Search for a Location:
Using the search bar at the top of the app, enter the name of the desired location or simply long-press anywhere on the map to drop a pin.

Step 4: Enter Street View:
After selecting a location, you will see a small thumbnail preview of that place. Tap on it to enter Street View mode.

Step 5: Explore and Navigate:
Now you can explore the location by swiping your finger on the screen or moving your device around. Zoom in and out using pinch gestures, and navigate through streets by tapping on arrows or dragging your finger in the desired direction.


In conclusion, Street View is an incredible Android app that brings virtual exploration to life. With its interactive panoramic views, real-time images, navigation features, and indoor maps, it provides users with an immersive experience of various locations worldwide. Whether you want to plan a trip, explore landmarks, or satisfy your curiosity about different places, Street View is a must-have app for Android users.