What Is in-App Purchase in Android?

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In-App Purchase in Android – A Comprehensive Guide

As mobile app usage continues to rise, in-app purchases have become increasingly popular among app developers. In-app purchases are a way for developers to monetize their apps by offering users the ability to buy additional content or features within the app itself. In this article, we will explore what in-app purchases are and how they work on Android devices.

What Is an In-App Purchase?

An in-app purchase is any purchase made within an app for additional content or features. This can include unlocking new levels, purchasing virtual currency or items, and accessing premium features. In-app purchases can be one-time purchases or recurring subscriptions that give users access to content for a specific period of time.

Types of In-App Purchases

There are two main types of in-app purchases: consumable and non-consumable.

  • Consumable: Consumable in-app purchases are those that can be used up and need to be purchased again if the user wants more. Examples include virtual currency or lives in a game.
  • Non-consumable: Non-consumable in-app purchases are those that the user only needs to purchase once and will then have access to permanently. Examples include unlocking new levels or premium features.

How Do In-App Purchases Work on Android?

In order to make an in-app purchase on an Android device, the user must have a Google account set up with a valid payment method attached. When the user attempts to make a purchase within an app, they will be prompted to enter their Google account password before the transaction is completed.

Developers can use Google Play Billing Library, which provides an API for handling all aspects of billing within an app. This library includes features such as purchase verification, subscriptions, and the ability to query the user’s purchase history.

Benefits of In-App Purchases

In-app purchases can be a great way for developers to monetize their apps without relying solely on advertising revenue. Users are more likely to make purchases within an app that they are already using and enjoying, making in-app purchases a great way to increase revenue and keep users engaged.


In-app purchases are an important part of the mobile app ecosystem. They provide developers with a way to monetize their apps while offering users additional content and features. With the Google Play Billing Library, implementing in-app purchases on Android devices has never been easier.