What Happened to Weather Underground Android App?

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Weather Underground was a popular weather app available for Android devices that provided users with detailed weather forecasts, radar maps, and other essential weather information. However, in recent years, users have noticed a decline in the app’s functionality and support. So, what exactly happened to the Weather Underground Android app?

The Acquisition

In 2012, The Weather Channel Companies (TWC) acquired Weather Underground as part of its strategy to expand its digital presence. At that time, Weather Underground had a dedicated user base who appreciated its unique features and accurate forecasts.

Initially, after the acquisition, Weather Underground continued to operate independently and maintained its reputation for providing reliable weather information. However, over time, changes started occurring that affected the app’s functionality and user experience.

Declining Features

One of the first noticeable changes was the removal of certain features that were highly valued by users. For example, the ability to customize the app’s home screen with favorite locations was removed, making it less convenient for users to access their preferred weather information quickly.

Additionally, features like interactive radar maps and historical weather data became less reliable or were completely removed from the app. These were some of the key components that made Weather Underground stand out from other weather apps.

Lack of Updates and Support

Another major issue that plagued Weather Underground was the lack of regular updates and bug fixes. Users reported encountering various glitches and crashes within the app but saw little effort from TWC to address these issues.

The absence of updates not only led to a decrease in overall performance but also raised concerns about data accuracy as new technologies emerged in meteorology. This lack of support ultimately resulted in many loyal users seeking alternative weather apps.

Migration to The Weather Channel App

In an attempt to consolidate their resources and focus on their primary brand, TWC decided to migrate Weather Underground users to The Weather Channel app. This decision further alienated the remaining Weather Underground users who were dissatisfied with the changes made by TWC.

The Weather Channel app, while providing a similar range of weather information, lacked the unique features and customization options that made Weather Underground so popular. Users had to adapt to a new interface and lost access to the functionality they had grown accustomed to.


In conclusion, the decline of the Weather Underground Android app can be attributed to various factors including changes in ownership, removal of key features, lack of updates and support, and migration to The Weather Channel app.

While some users may have found alternative weather apps that better suit their needs, others still miss the unique features and accurate forecasts provided by Weather Underground. It serves as a reminder that even popular apps can experience significant changes that affect user satisfaction and loyalty.