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This game is set in the decade of the most significant fashion trends. In that decade, the long hair and pastel suits were the most favorite fashion style. This game revolves around the story of a guy from that decade. The guy in this game is trying to become the boss of the criminals. The games are set in the Vice City, a city that has everything to offer to everyone. This game lies in the sandbox genre, and you get to explore the open world from a character-driven narrative. Your journey starts by arriving in Vice City. Everything is in front of you, and you can choose to become what you want!

The plot
In this game, you enter the world as Tommy Vercetti. Mr. Tommy has just come out of prison. After coming out, the first assignment assigned to him is to enter Vice City. The player will get started on the mission to rule the city by gaining power. You will be working hard to make your criminal empire. To make sure that you reach the top, you will be stealing cars from the citizens. You will also make drug deals to get as much drug money as you can. To make sure that you do not have an opponent, you will be taking good care of business people. However, you will have to kill many people in the game to take the top spot. There are no flaws in the game plot. All of the story elements are connected to give the best feel. The voice actors in the gta vice city game have done a great job of keeping the audience thrilled.

As this game is a successor to the GTA 3, many details are added to this game compared to the older version. The changes might not be visible in the first sitting of yours, but you can spot them. Although the previous version already incorporated an excellent system for money laundering and real estate buying, there are many other things added to this version to multiply the fun. Many new weapons are added to the game. New cars and motorcycles are also added, and now you can even fly high in the sky with helicopters. Playing the game for a longer time will enable you to buy a property with the money you made. You can also spend money to buy better hideouts and get better ammo.

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