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True Skate APK Skateboarding is prevalent everywhere. To prove this, you can check the people turning everything from stadiums to deserts into skate parks. Besides the coolness of skateboarding, there are health and social opportunities for this sport for people of all ages. Skateboard tricks require physical strength that interacts with several muscles in combination, like the core muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, and lower legs.

Your skateboard fits well to make you healthy and active so that you can rock the boat in full spirit. However, mobile games are as healthy as physical games, and a true skate apk allows you to do skateboard tricks in the virtual world.

True skate apk is a 3D simulation in which you only see a skateboard, without anyone. This game provides practical touch-based mechanics. It gives you a good picture of the floor, which helps you to carry out more detailed tricks. Slow-motion in the game is present, and viewing global leaderboards is also available.

True Skate APK


True Skate is a sandboxing game that lets you grind at a well-designed skate park to do whatever you want. There is a shortlist of activities to complete, and the full experience is worthy of being extended. The True Skate game is essentially an outstanding physics-based skateboarder simulator available in the market. Unlike other skating android games, you are not playing True Skate as an individual who skates the open world; you monitor the skateboard with your fingertips. For True Skate, the focus is pulled back at a 3rd perspective point of the frame, and all adjustments are made according to this viewing decision.

Unlike other skateboarding games, you can see where you are going. You can dodge some obstacles on your way, or keep on skating forward to perform some stunning tricks. The game allows you to see the whole skating place from your perspective, and decide to do what you want in the park. As the game does not force you to complete missions or follow a certain path, you can decide where you want to go and what you want to do in the game. This makes you feel liberated while doing your skating thing.

When it comes to controlling your skating, the controls within the game are unique and easy. In this game, you can make certain clicks or do some swipes to go forward. The best thing is that this game is made by keeping real-world skateboarding physics in view. In this way, those who are good at skateboarding are automatically good within this game.

You can click on the tail of your skateboard to pop it in the air. After popping it, you can decide to show a great stunt and roll the funk like a true player. As you play this game daily, you can get familiar with its easy and intuitive controls. Like any other great game, it can be complicated for you, and you’ll have some practice until things start to work, but finally, they do, you will be shocked by how many tricks you can mix in this simulator.

It gives the right to do whatever you want, only by offering you the essential tools you need to mix yourself inside the universe of your sandbox. Even a skateboarding newbie can easily pick up cool tricks as he grasps dynamics by the physics engine and the control system. All of these cool features add up to make this game one of the most popular skateboarding apps on android.

The “DIY Update” also enables a limited number of items to be put on many different levels and parks of the game’s sandbox. The developers of this game have been very active over the years to present new levels and places in the game. They have also included many Street League Series venues in the game as well to make the gaming experience more lively and excellent.

This title is one of the best ones in the market because of the variety of skate environments involved in this game. To take various objects and place them around the landscapes that we have spent years skating in every single square inch is a big deal for every skateboarding lover, and this game makes us able to relive our loveliest moments.

Features of true skate apk

  • Play the game with the controls like the real-world skateboarding experience to have the utmost fun.
  • Enjoy the Deck wear to Scuff up your favorite Deck like a true funky player.
  • Do the great stunts by dragging your fingers on the gaming ground to push forward.
  • If you are a lover of great skateboarding parks, you can pick this game as your only game to skate to play in all of your favorite places.
  • Get to see the replays in Slow motion.
  • Rewind the game to see the great moments again.
  • Complete the user challenges to be the ultimate skating master.
  • Enjoy the Replay viewer
  • Play hard to make an entry in the Global leaderboards.

What’s new?

  1. Get ready for Australia Day and Lunar New Year events in this new update.
  2. Make sure to score more by following the new mission scoring system.
  3. Have a great way to play the game with the new mission hud indicators.
  4. Get more things to do with the Improved DIY object use in the user challenges.

What is a true skate apk mod?

Some great levels and options are available to you when you pay for in-app purchases. However, you can only make in-app purchases if you have bought the game in the first place. The problem is that many people don’t have access to a credit card to pay for the game, and they cannot enjoy the fun-packed in this game. To solve this issue, true skate apk all maps comes in place. This modded version is free to download, but also comes with in-app purchases.

More features

  • Start skating in new places.
  • Start official skateboarding courses.
  • Access all missions.
  • Have no limits on slow motion and lists.
  • Enjoy unlimited board image changes and wheel color changes.
  • Get new Skateboard packs.

How to download true skate apk?

Downloading the ultimate mod of True Skate is not difficult at all. You have to click on the download button on this website, and the true skate apk android download will start automatically. True skate apk OBB is not needed to mod this game as it is already modded.

How to install?

  • Locate the downloaded mod apk on your device.
  • Click on the true skate apk to start the installation process.
  • Launch it from your home screen.

User reviews

Android gamers around the world love how the game has the most realistic interface, and user controls that it becomes easier for everyone to enjoy skateboarding. The slow-motion and other fantastic features make the gameplay very interesting and cheering. The color schemes and graphics are top-notch, and the game sounds also enhance the overall gaming experience.

Final words

Out of all the simulators in the market, this skateboarding simulator has proved that technological advancements can connect the virtual world with the real world. Forget true skate apk no mod to enjoy the modded goodies embedded in this version as well. a



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