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December 1, 2021

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Township MOD APK Cities are booming in the new world of ours. We can find everything we need in our home. The online shopping convenience lets us buy anything by clicking a couple of times on our touchscreens. However, life never used to be so easy. There were people in the past that lived their life in simple ways. here were not hustling and bustling arenas, not no dance clubs, to spend all of your money in only one night. there were small towns, built collaboratively by all the residents. If you wanna travel back to the old days, Township MOD APK is the best way to do so.

Township MOD APK is a town simulator game, allowing you to become the mayor of your virtual town on your android smartphone. If you ever dreamt of living the life of a small city, you can fulfill it by having this game on your device.

Township MOD APK

RequiresAndroid 4.2 and up
Last updatedOctober 30, 2019


The game revolves around the idea of making you able to build your town in the virtual world. You can grow crops, harvest them, process them to make food items, and make money by the sales to expand your town. After making your products, you can sell them to other exciting countries. To allow your town residents to have fun, you can build cinemas, restaurants, and other community places to hang out. You can mine the town of yours to find resources and artifacts at the same time. Overall, the game allows you to be a farmer and the mayor of the town at the same time!

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Upon the start of the game, you get a small land with a limited no. Of residents. You are guided by a tutorial on how to start the game. First off, you plant some wheat and harvest it to collect food. You are also conducted to feed cows and milk them to store milk supplies. Afterward, you are told to build a bakery for wheat and goods processing. By processing the food, you can sell your goods in a better profit. The milk is stored, and you can sell milk to make money.

As you keep on planting crops, harvesting, and processing goods, the money of yours in the game increases. By having more money, you can build houses, factories, and new houses to make more money from these things. You can sell homes to people and can build houses to have more residents in your town. As you plant a new factory or create a new place, you have to build new homes and have new residents. A helicopter in the game supplies good to other sites. By sending goods to other destinations, you can earn rewards in the game. You can build your zoo in your town. Mining in the game allows you to collect resources and find artifacts for your town. Keep progressing on even a slow pace to build a town that you can name yourself.

Game features

  • Decorate your dream town by building new buildings and having decorative arrangements
  • Grow different crops to have new sources of income to make your town progressive
  • Meet new and fun people in town and meet their requirements
  • Visit the mine of your town to collect magnificent artifacts and find resources
  • Keep great care of adorable animals of your town
  • Stay in farms to manage them and expand them
  • Look and enjoy the goods brought from the beautiful island
  • Build a zoo of your own to breed your favorite animals
  • Find various decorative items to decorate your town according to your will
  • Play with your online friends and show them your achievements

What is new?

  • Work side by side with Professor Verne in his experiments and bring the next scientific breakthrough.
  • Enjoy more with regular in-game activities to fulfill activities at the same time.
  • Earn more points to have awesome rewards in your bucket.
  • Have the gold pass to have excellent access to exotic and exclusive awards.
  • Live The Bubble Gum Festival from November 7.
  • Enter in the Fastfood Stars event starting on November 21 to cook delicious foods.
  • Take part in Snow Ride beginning on December 5.
  • Have 3 brand-new expansions in this version.

What is Township MOD APK?

This excellent game is free to play. You do not have to install the game on your device. However, like any other online game, you have to wait for your tasks to complete. If you build a new site in the game, you have to wait for its completion. If you want to speed up the building process, you have to spend in-game money. The in-game cash is very scarce and ends quickly. To enjoy the game without having to wait for a painful duration, you have to spend real money on in-app purchases. Township MOD APK gives you unlimited money in the game without spending real money. With the modded version, you can progress in no time.

Mod features

  • Have unlimited money in the game.
  • Do not wait; spend money straight away to complete your tasks in no time.
  • Bypass the developer’s scheme of making money by forcing you to buy in-app money.


Downloading this new modded version is not difficult at all. Click on the download button to have the modded town-building simulator in your device.

How to install

  • Click the download button on this webpage and wait for the complete download.

  • Find the downloaded mod apk in your downloads folder.

  • Click on the file to install the game on your device.

  • Open the game, and enjoy the plodding fun on your device.


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User Review
Township MOD APK is not the game for the fans of FPS or RPG games. The game focuses on keeping things at a slower pace. If you like to go berserk in every round of your competition, this title is not for you. However, it is never late to lay back and enjoy the casualty of life. Even if you love to encounter online players in a fierce battle, this game can be a perfect side hustle for you. The mind relaxing experience of this game takes you to the town side; the fun part is you have control of anything in this one.

The game does not feature 3D graphics, but you will love to see the excellent graphics in the game. The town is planned in a very tremendous and aesthetic manner, and the characters in the game are beneficial. Animals in the game are very adorable, and there is not a single doubt that you are going to love their cuteness. The sounds in the game really match with the overall scenario of the game. Building your town and farming side by side in a single title has made this game able to earn the Editor’s Choice badge on the Play Store.

Final words

There are many titles with a similar theme in the market. However, this game sets itself apart with the excellent plot and outstanding execution of that place. Download Township MOD APK right now from our website to have unlimited money in the game without paying for it!

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