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Through the ages mod apk: The human civilization is the only civilization known to us. We stay close by living together in all hardships. Our hope and our hard work always get us through tough times. However, if you take the efforts of making this civilization into account, you get to know that those who laid the foundation of this civilization struggled very hard.

If you wonder how they did what they did, and want to live their lives in your own world, do not wait any longer. The virtual worlds brought upon us digitalization allow us to go anywhere, and through the ages, mod apk is also an example. Through the ages, mod apk is a board game simulation of a top-rated board game. This game is a game adaptation of Vlaada Chvátil’s classic strategy game. By playing this game, you get the opportunity to lead civilization.

Through The Ages MOD APK

NameThrough the Ages
DeveloperCGE digital
RequiresAndroid 4.0 and up
Last updatedOctober 11, 2019


Through the ages mod apk, players attempt to become the world’s most influential citizens. To achieve this goal, players need to keep their food, raw material, science, and military in balance. The gameplay spans over five ages. During the periods, players draft cards, make the workforce for their survival, build new buildings, wage wars, and rule over new lands. Through all of this activity, players earn cultural points. The player who has the most cultural points wins the game.

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Because this is a gaming board, it has many rules set to follow. However, we are not trying to tell you all the rules in this article. Our goal is to tell you about the central mechanism of the game.

What you have to do in the game is:

  • Create the card row, and verify if the end of an Age is here.
  • If so, then declare war, occupy new land, and get goodies from other players by force.
  • To set the pace, grow your population, build new places to live, and decide leaders for your land.
  • Save yourself from starving by storing enough food, nurturing sciences, and much more.

Civil cards and military cards are the two types of cards in the game. Civilian cards are for technology, wonders, knowledge, and leaders. Military cards stand for unification, colonization, and war. The event deck kicks in when the players bring up politics on the game premises. To get the most points at the end of an age, it is necessary to manage the event deck.

This game is not dull at all you might think, and you can enjoy seeing things like management, food, and happiness. You grant your labor with the food produced. The cavitation’s points, like technology, science, and food, are written on cards. Depending on the population, you have to make more happiness for the sustainability of civilization. You can keep track of the joy created by you, and you can create happiness by making fun places for people.

Game features

  • Enjoy One of the best board games ever made

  • Have numerous cards to build a perfect civilization

  • Choose any of the routes leading to victory

  • Take great care of your resources

  • Learn about the central game rules with an engaging tutorial

  • Get a chance to play with your friends over the internet, or on the same smartphone

  • While playing alone, stay on your toes to ravel against computer opponents with a strong skillset

  • Have all the rules that are included in a real-world board game within a linear digital version

  • Have the chance to purify your personal skill by playing alone

What’s new

  •  You can now play this game on low-end or mid-range devices with a graphics controlling system

  • Enjoy enhanced gameplay with better rendering on wide-screen devices

  • Enjoy many other minor tweaks and improvements to enhance the overall gaming experience with this version

What is through the ages mod apk

Board games are as old as human civilization, and such games still have a vast audience. You cannot be filled up by playing card games and imagine playing one of the best card games of all time. Through the ages is one of the classic board games that have many lovers around the world. With the strategy of this game, you can sharpen your mind and broaden your vision. Nevertheless, to have this beautiful game in your android smartphone, you have to pay before installing this game. Through the ages, mod apk transcends the payment barrier.

Mod features

  • Do not pay money to download the game

  • Play the game without paying any bucks

  • Get straight to the gameplay, and do not worry about spending money

  • Once you download the through the ages mod apk, enjoy one of the best card games of all time both online and offline


Through the ages mod apk is a game that you must download on your device. The game is packed with fun and strategy, and you cannot miss this fortune to only kill some bots in an FPS game. Go with your own flow to play this card game with your friends and family as the games take you to the basics of human instincts of survival. If you have only played card games with real-life cards or did not play card games at all, it is high time to download this game. Click on the download now button to download this game without any hassles.

How to install

  • Download through the ages mod apk by clicking on the download now button.
  • Locate the downloaded apk in the download folder of your device.
  • Click on the apk file downloaded to start the installation.
  • Once installation finishes, live the moments to build a civilization.


Through The Ages MOD APK (1) Through The Ages MOD APK (1) Through The Ages MOD APK (1) Through The Ages MOD APK (1)

User reviews

User Review

According to the players of this game, the tutorial shows precisely what you can expect in the game. The tutorial also leads you to the complexities coming into the game. However, according to some players, if you want to take an idea of this game, you can also play the real card game first. You can skip playing real card games to know about the game, as the game already has every info in it. If you get baffled in the game at any point, you can always find the workarounds on the internet.

According to some users, this is the best board game adaptation present right now on the Play Store. The developers of this game stay active to respond to the queries about the game and fulfill requests from the players. The original card game has many choices you can make, and the same is true with this android adaptation. The tutorial tells you about this card game in a fun way, but you have to develop your strategies on your own. Everything you can expect from a classic card game is present in this one, and you cannot miss the fun certainly


Final words

The game is the best of the best in the cards category of Play Store, but the only problem was to pay money. Having through the ages mod apk from our website allows you to play the game for free. Install the modded version right now in your smartphones. For any game requests or other queries, feel free to hit our inbox!

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