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January 21, 2022

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Who among us has not dreamed of being a wise ruler? Become the leader of an entire nation! Guide him along the path of progress – from the Bronze Age to the invention of the Internet. Conquer uncharted lands and build wonders of the world. Through the Ages is a massive game for real strategists ready to make history.


Through The Ages MOD APK

Through the Ages is a civilization game in the world that can rightfully be called one of the most diverse and balanced board strategies. You will start the game on an equal footing with the rest, managing a small tribe capable of extracting the simplest resources and a small amount of food. A mine that produces fragile bronze and a farm whose inhabitants have only a basic understanding of agriculture – everything you have at the start. Further development depends entirely on your decisions and the chosen strategy.

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Features of the game:


When you download the game Through the ages MOD APK, it helps you have many unlocked features. These include:

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited characters
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • One-hit game
  • High Dame and God Mode


Players have to go through 4 conditional eras – from antiquity to the era of information. Each turn, you will spend action points to research technologies, increase population, construct and improve buildings, train units, and much more. The choice of your actions is truly rich. Will you be a peaceful patron of the arts and sciences, a warlike industrialist, or maybe choose one of many other paths?

In this monumental game, a huge role is given to studying technology. You don’t need to endlessly build base mines to increase production or spam ancient warriors to have a military advantage. Play the game wiser and study iron mining – make your mines work more efficiently. Explore the gunpowder and tactics of the Napoleonic army, and archaic sworders will turn into organized line infantry.

Skillfully dispose of the population of your civilization. The game constantly asks you difficult questions: “Shouldn’t we send scientists to work on farms to provide food for our people?” or “Shouldn’t you retrain the workers into soldiers and, on your next turn, declare war on your neighbor?. But do not forget – the more numerous the population of your civilization, the more food it consumes, and the more effort is required from you to keep it satisfied. Dissatisfied residents can even raise an uprising.

There is no doubt that managing civilization is not easy. Leaders will help you in this difficult task. Many prominent personalities from different eras and times are ready to help: Julius Caesar and Aristotle to Bill Gates and Mahatma Gandhi. There is even Sid Meier in the game and Charismatic leaders who have characteristics of useful abilities. For example, James Cook helps in founding new colonies, and Winston Churchill gives a definite bonus to the industry in preparation for war.

However, do not think that the game will be calm and measured, and you have to deal with “pumping” resources into victory points by building an efficient “engine.” Each game in Through the Ages is filled with many positive and negative events. Besides, do not forget about the aggressions and wars that players can enter into, competing. All this, coupled with elements of diplomacy – profitable pacts and political alliances, will not let you get bored.

How to Download the Through The Ages Mod Apk Game:

To download the game, you have to click the download button on the official website. After installing Through the Ages MOD APK, you can play the gameplay. On the other hand, if you want to play the game on a PC, you need to install the supporting software name as BlueSTack. After this android emulator software, you can download and enjoy the game without any hurdles.  


How can I download the game Through the Ages?

To download the game, you have to follow the above-given steps. The downloading procedure for PC is a little different. By downloading supporting software, you can enjoy the game on your PC. 

Is it safe to install the game Through the Ages APK MOD?

Besides granting permission as a third-party app, many websites ensure safe and harmless downloading of the game. It means all the files related to the game are safe for your device. 



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Final Words:

Through the Ages is a civilization game that allows you to enjoy several features like unlimited money, gems, and many more. All these features and good graphics will let you enjoy the game and remain connected until the end. In this way, download the game and enjoy your gameplay without interruption. If you have any question, feel free to ask and try FAQS or comment section bellow. Have Fun.

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