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The controls in terraria last update take time to master, but the learning curve is smooth once you get started. However, the easiest thing to help you on the game screen is a little bulb in the upper corner that allows you to see the details of every control. The left stick is for the movement purpose. This movement stick will enable you to roam through the game world. Double-tapping the upper key on the movement stick makes you jump through the game. Double-tapping the down key switches the armor set. Double-tapping the left key allows you to dash through certain items. A smart cursor turned on with the left stick will enable you to aim.

The right stick is also known as the aim stick. There is a specific key on the right side of the screen that allows you to jump. In case you have availed wings in the game, the double-tapping of the jump key will make you fly through the game. These are the simple controls, while several controls are used for further interaction in the game. But, keep in mind that the controls are more comfortable to grasp.

The character in the game can be customized, and this personalized character jumps straight into an unknown world. The enemies and bosses are waiting for you to indulge in face-to-face combat, all lying deep in the city. You can alternatively choose to make a city of your own, the choice is yours to either fight or develop. To develop a city of your own, there are many in-game elements to help you. The trees can be cut down, and you can use them to make walls. Walls depending on your creativity can allow you even to make castles. The 2D pixelated sprites in the game are more attractive than you may imagine!

Running requirements
This game is not of smaller size because of the elements it contains. To run the massive plot of this game, you have to make sure that your device at least has 2 GB of ram. Alongside ram, the most critical factor in running this game smoothly is that your phone has a good chipset. Both of these basic requirements can be met by a device released after 2014. The game requires at least Android 4.3, and lower versions of Android are incompatible for this game. This game can also run on 1 GB of ram, but this will cut the graphics quality of the game. This brings us to the point that the latest android devices can run the game ever so smoothly. Running this game on even a year old device is also impressive.

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