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April 19, 2022
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Tekken 6 APK: The Tekken series now introduced Tekken 6 with historic graphics and amazing features. The best thing is that Tekken 6 can be played on Android devices. The developers introduced the mod version in which they combine OBB files plus APK files and PPSSPP files in a common package. This game resolves the issues of buying and playing it on smartphones.

Tekken 6 mod apk is the  7th game in its Tekken series mod. Its gain popularity after its released. At the very first time the game was only available to PlayStation 3 but now it has gained too much popularity after being used on android devices. You can download it for free and enjoy lots of features with a variety of game modes.

Download Tekken 6 APK

Tekken 6 APK

The features of Tekken 6 Mod is discuss in detail below

Game play and characters

Tekken 6 starts its gameplay with a character named Jin Kazama who is the leader of the army and is celebrating a party to defeat his grandfather’s opponents in a war. The gameplay includes all about wars and attacks.

The control over the game is smooth and easy to understand for any user from beginner to professional players. Nothing is new to learn.

Tekken 6 mod apk contains a total of 39 characters in the arcade mode. Similarly the Bloodline mode has 41 characters. Tekken 6 has 7  new characters as compared to the previous version of Tekken series. Almost all the characters repeat as in Tekken 5.

New Characters in list

There are 40 characters in this mod version of Tekken 6 apk. Each character is designed properly to do functions and tasks with full strength and power. Almost all the characters are unlocked and there is no need to buy them. Some of them are mention here

  • Alisa Bosconovitch: It is a robot, he is like a monster.
  • Azazel: A character with specification in material art.
  • Jack
  • Ling Xiaoyu
  • Leo
  • Nina Williams
  • Zafina
  • Anna Williams
  • Panda

Different Game modes to do Something interesting during the gameplay

 Arcade Battle

The Arcade mode is the 9th position in the game where you have to fight with Azazel , the monster.

Challenge Battle: In this mode you can get missions and challenges on a daily basis.

Story Battel: In this story mode you can choose any of the characters and start your story.

Ghost Battle: This mode is much more similar to arcade mode ,the only difference is that this mode ghost battle provides an extra boss at the boss stage. Using this stage boss you are able to perform well.

Network: So this mode is a multiple player mode here you are able to play with real life players and show your skills to them.

Can we use Tekken 6 in  Offline mode?

Yes you can play this game offline by  using arcade mode. You can even play without the internet in multiplayer mode. Tekken 6 is now becoming popular because of its remarkable features and its download at the play Store exceeds a limit. Reviews are good, Highly rated and highly recommended by professional players all over the world.

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Final words

Download the latest version of this Tekken 6 mod apk from Play store and enjoy your fighting skills with great experience. With epic graphics and attractive visuals no one can ignore after playing it once. With multiple modes the game offers much more to do as compared to other fighting games.

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