Tekken 4 APK Download Magic Tekken for Android Mobiles 2022

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Tekken 4 APK: Tekken 4 is another fighting game from the Tekken series. It is one of the best video games introduced by Namco. It is the 5th installation of the Tekken series and Tekken 4 comes after the installation of Tekken 3. The game is compatible with PlayStation 2. And now the game is available for Android devices as well with the use of an emulator.

Download Tekken 4 APK

Tekken 4 APK


Graphics plays an important role in the popularity of the Tekken series. Same in the case of Tekken 4 the developers create a realistic environment. The characters are designed with 3D techniques. The overall game follows the fighting techniques of 2D fighting games. In short the gameplay looks more adorable in this Tekken 4 mod APK.

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Character in Tekken 4

Tekken 4 is an amazing fighting game with plenty of characters to do different tasks and missions with specific abilities. Tekken 4 almost contains the same characters as in previous Tekken series. A list of these character is given below;

• Christie Monteiro
• Kazuya Mishima
• King
• Kuma
• Lee Chaolan
• Lei Wulong
• Ling Xiaoyu
• Craig Marduk
• Miharu Hirano and many more with unique abilities to complete any task.

Unlocked characters

In this mod version of Tekken 4 you are free to use any players with any character without the need to unlock them.

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Offline mode

The game Tekken 4 mod APK can be played offline on any android device for free. More than this the game is compatible with windows operating system. so enjoy this game with offline mode without any need to connect to the internet all the time. Offline mod also helps in avoiding ads during the game.


Tekken 4 offers each character with unique combos. Every character you choose is a combination of 30 different punches and moves. With Tekken 4 mod APK you will try your fighting experience more fun.

Different Games mode in Tekken 4

There are plenty of games mode in Tekken 4 some of them are discuss below:
Story mode: This mode helps you to unlock more characters in the game that are still locked.
Arcade mode: This mode contains 10 fixed rounds to complete in each round. you have to fight against the professional players.

VS Battle: This mode is like multiplayer mode . you can play with your friends and make your fighting experience more great. but this mode requires proper internet connection.

Team Battle mode

This mode is usually used to create a team of characters including 1 to 8 players. In this way you can fight against your players with full strength and power.

Training mode

This mode helps you to learn skills on how to fight against the player in the game.
Download the latest version of Tekken 4 mod APK
There are some basic steps to download the latest version of Tekken 4
• First of all Download the APK from any browser.
• Now you have to download the highly compressed zip file.
• Now extract this zip file
• Next step is to install the APK
• After the installation your Tekken 4 mod APK is ready to play.

Final Words

The gameplay is smooth and easy to play. Try this mod version of Tekken 4 and enjoy your fighting experience well. Hope this information helps you a lot.

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