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Spiritwish APK Mythologies are the lifeline of our culture and society. We love to hear stories that took place in the world, not ours. Our affection for supernatural creatures and beastly beings is unparalleled. Throughout history, there have been many tales of objects capable of granting any wish or bring immense fortune to someone. The person taking hold of such an object turns out to be the hero of that particular tale. The Holy Grail and the story of Aladdin are just to name a few. However, if you want to live the fantasy of such an artifact in the virtual world, Spiritwish APK is the best choice.

Spiritwish APK is an MMORPG that allows you to take your life to the past. In the game, you indulge in the story and love the mechanics. The overall experience is fantastic, and you have to keep on reading to know more about the game.

Spiritwish APK

DeveloperNEXON Company
RequiresAndroid 6.0 and up
Last updatedOctober 23, 2019


The Kingdom of Karelia’s enjoyed a stable and peaceful era. However, the peace came down, shattering with the uncovering of a hidden Sampo. Campos can duplicate anything in no time, being relics from ancient times. The three Gods had declared that the entire Kingdom would benefit from these relics, and the Kingdom was responsible for overseeing the remnants.

Nevertheless, the discovery of the new Sampo in the ancient ruins was not favorable for the Kingdom of Karelia. Pohjola and Kaleva had a bitter, prolonged war to have absolute control over the relic. The last clash between these two cities became the reason for strange happenings in the entire Kingdom.

Karelia was not in full power because of the cruel war to handle all problems at a time. As a result, King Lance launched a setup to help the adventurers from the city with their tasks. The adventurers became the hope for victory.

You, as the game player, get to lead the group of adventurers in the game. The adventurers are following the path of the Three Gods. You take the journey with adventurers to cover the strange happenings throughout the Kingdom. They meet a mysterious figure Al, and make it a suspect for the incidents. Meanwhile, a prisoner escapes from captivity while being taken to the capital. Your group of adventurers decides to follow the prisoner, and they find the connection of Al with all the happenings.

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Spiritwish APK does not seem so surprising by its name, but it is an MMO filled with a twist. The game lets you take command of your chosen or created characters, and lead all of them. The fun gets intense as the game takes the whole team, including you, as one character. Nexon has presented marvelous games such as Ragnarok, Tree of Savior, and Espade in the past. This time, the company comes back with a thriller.

The game takes place in the fictional land of Kaleva. You are tasked in the game to control the ancient relics to fight the evil forces lurking everywhere by creating your own legion of heroes. The game is fun as you get to choose your own heroes for the task.

In this game, you can control up to three characters at the same time. The plan to make you handle three characters at a time helps you find the best strategies to control your team and the relics. There is no shortage of heroes in the game, and you can choose to select the heroes upon checking their abilities. Spiritwish APK packs everything you can want.

As the game is an MMORPG, you can choose your favorite model from the different ones in the game. Fun intensifies, as you can team up with other online players on various stages to fight the fierce enemies. You can also take part in the co-operative activities by tackling dungeons daily. The single-hand mode and UI tweaks allow you to make the game very easy for you, unlike other ones.




Game features

  • Whether you face the battle on the front, engage from a distance, or love to mix these things, join the game to do all at the same time.
  • Control three characters at a time in the game to live merrier with more!
  • Live the story from the past, and combine your characters according to your liking.
  • Have the adventure with the most memorable heroes.
  • Choose from many colorful characters for your three characters team.
  • Stay on your toes to take part in challenging missions and fights.
  • Take part in daily dungeon hunts to get exciting and valuable things in the game. Always take part in regular dungeon hunts to test your luck and find what you want!
  • Have a nine-character challenge in the Onkalo dungeon! Experience the endless labyrinth in the Onkalo Dungeon! Create your nine-character team and lead them to the furthest place!
  • Enjoy co-op raids as you can enjoy more with more people
  • Polish your skills by gathering more teammates to make it to the end
  • Have challenges of different difficulty levels with your group having other players
  • Choose your own characters and build your own strategies to fulfill the demands of the adventures. Use your instinct to team up the best members from the game.
  • Enjoy the vertical mode of the game to play and chat with your friends at the same time.
  • Have the landscape mode to control the game entirely.

How to install

Download Spiritwish APK right now from our website. Follow the steps below to install the game in your device.

  • Locate the downloaded apk in your downloads folder.

  • Click on the Spiritwish APK to install it in your device.

  • Enjoy after the installation completes!!


Spiritwish APK Download Spiritwish APK Download Latest Version Spiritwish APK Download Latest Version 2019 Download Spiritwish APK Free

Spiritwish APK

Spiritwish APK (6)

User Review
The game is getting updated regularly, and each update is making the game even better. The auto-combat features also allow you to set up Tactics to make the experience best for you. The auto-potion and skill conditions make gameplay more enriched. Old School graphics from the PlayStation 1 era bring memories back for sure. The Gacha system of this specific title is not very demanding. The characters are hard but not impossible to collect in the game. However, there are still place to place more characters in Spiritwish APK.

The game is beautiful and entertaining at the same time. Although some users do not like the Gacha tactics of this game, they still consider the game being fun to play. According to the gamers, there is much action-packed in this game, thinking it to be a Role-Playing Game. The game is not much complicated, like other ones on the market. Any person who is new to RPGs or one who is an experienced gamer can enjoy the game. The excellent graphics with light humor takes your attention, and you cannot overlook this game.

Final words

The game is indeed one of the best MMORPGs in the market. The graphics, story, gameplay, controls, community system, rewards system, and any other details are taken care of in this title. You can download Spiritwish APK right now from our website. Please keep visiting our site to get your favourite apps without any hassle!

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