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Soul knight MOD APK Staying alive through the long course of history, knights are one of the most chivalrous warriors that come to our mind. When we look at how they stick to their job and do whatever they can to save their people from the harms, we can’t hold back from praising them. However, the knights who give their soul to the purpose are needed by earthlings once again. The earth is only stable because of the magical stone, and the high-tech aliens have shaken the earth by taking the stone away. It is time to play soul knight mod apk to save the earth from this danger.

Soul knight mod apk is the game that focuses on the dungeons and allows you to kill the wrong ones using a wide range of arms. You start the game by entering the first room and keep progressing to gain new skills and kill your enemies. Falling into the category of action games, it has earned the badge of Editor’s choice to prove how much fun is packed in this game!

Soul Knight MOD APK

NameSoul Knight
RequiresAndroid 4.1 and up
Last updatedNovember 4, 2019


The story of this game is straightforward, and developers have not many details to uncover more about the plot. The developers want us to enjoy the game, and keep progressing through the game. However, it would not be right to say that the lack of plot has rendered the game useless. Although the plot of the game is very much concealed, the details of the gameplay are outstanding. Focusing on the main theme that the aliens have taken the magical stone, all you have to do that to kill them in the dungeons. The dungeon fantasies are one of the most enjoyable, and you can have fun in this game too.

Talking about the symmetry of the rooms in which the game takes place, the rooms are detailed brilliantly. Rooms of the dungeon are very symmetrical, and there is no design flaw in their design and symmetry. Whenever you enter any new room or pass through the hallways, you have to face the monsters that are willing to take your life. To stay safe and complete the mission you are given, you have to focus all of your energy to see the success in the end!

The rules of the games are basic and strict. The fighting is fair, and you have to face your enemies upfront. You cannot shoot at your enemies outside the room, and your enemies cannot shoot at you too. You have to enter the room and start using the arms you are given to fight the enemies. The room is filled with many objects that can work for your advantage and the advantage of your enemies as well. Learning how to react to an attack and take down your enemy is the key to your success.

In this game, a health bar shows how long you can face your enemies. While shooting, make sure that your health does not drop, or regenerates in case of dropping. The fighting mechanism works on its own as you advance through the rooms. Controls of this game are very intuitive and easy to grasp. You do not have to toil all day long for the sake of mastering the controls. There are up to 270 arms in this game, and you can select the one for your liking. The arms range from basic pistols to rockets, making sure that the ammo game remains strong. If you want to keep it classic, you can even pick bows and arrows for the fight. Many uncommon and funny fighting weapons are also included.

Game features

  • Get to play as uncommon heroes having unique abilities
  • Have an amazing time killing your enemies with more than 270 weapons
  • The scenarios of the dungeon are randomly produced, and you get to experience new challenges every time
  • Get to march forward with Non-playing characters that support your cause
  • To make the controls most-intuitive, auto-aim mechanism is employed
  • Hop into the game right now, and experience many more features!

What’s new?

  • Many bugs in the game are eliminated

What is soul knight mod apk

If you head to Play Store, you can check that this game is free to download. However, like all the other fun games that are available for free, this game also includes limitations in the free version. In the version available over Play Store, you have to see ads all the time you play the game. Aside from ads, you have to pay for the in-app purchases. Although in-app purchases are not necessary to make, you have to buy items if you want the most fun. To make sure that you do not see ads or pay for in-app purchases, go for soul knight mod apk.

Mod features

What’s new?

  • Enjoy unlimited coins in the game
  • Get to play the game better using unlimited diamonds
  • All the plots in the garden are pre-unlocked
  • Kill all of your enemies with unlimited energy
  • Play non-stop as you are immortal



Many android users do not download modded apps as they think that their privacy may be comprised. However, on, you can get the modded games and apps that are scanned to make sure that no virus is included in the .apk package. To download the soul knight mod apk, click on the download button on this page. The download starts when you click the given button automatically.

How to install

  • Locate the downloaded soul knight mod apk in your device.
  • Click on the downloaded apk to start the installation.
  • After successful installation, click on the game icon to enter the dungeons.


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User Review

This game has earned so many positive reviews that it has earned the Editor’s choice badge on its publication place. The overall rating this game has earned is 4.6 from 5 stars. This rating is considered to be perfect for any game, and this game is near perfection. Many of the games nowadays only work to reward you as you progress through the game, but this game is different from the others. Users love the level of difficulty that is included in this game.

Although the game is set in 2D scape and has pixelated characters unlike the most popular games, users cannot stop praising the fun-packed in this super-confined style. One of the best things about this game is that you can use an external controller to play this game. The bullet hell scenario of this game is one of the best presents on the internet. However, there are some complaints regarding the multiplayer feature of this game. However, as the game is played individually most of the time, the multiplayer problems are not a big concern at all.

Final words

Soul knight mod apk is indeed one of the best action games that encourage you to use firearms. The design, plot, controls, graphics, weapons, and characters, all are outstanding in their way. With the modded version available on this website, you can progress through the game in no time. Keep visiting for more modded games and apps. Happy shooting!

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