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PUB Gfx+ Tool MOD APK In the world of gaming, some games have such an enormous success that it seems impossible for any other game to surpass them. If you have guessed already, I am not surprised at all about your sixth sense. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the popular games that have become known worldwide.

People from all lifestyles know about this game, and this game is perfect in the books of many beginners. However, there arises a problem with the compatibility of the game. PUBG is not optimized for all devices. You can still observe a lack of performance of PUBG even if you a device compatible with game requirements. PUB Gfx+ Tool MOD APK is the solution for the lagging PUBG experience.

PUB Gfx+ Tool MOD APK is a tool with a simple purpose. This tool allows you to modify the game experience of PUBG. With this tool in your device, you can feel an enormous and robust increase in the game performance. It allows you to optimize PUBG with your device.

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NamePUB Gfx+ Tool:#1 GFX Tool (with advance settings)
VersionOctober 16, 2019
DeveloperTrilokia Inc
RequiresAndroid 4.3 and up
Last Updated10/22/2019

More about the tool

This tool’s basic goal is to improve PUBG’s output on your mobile phone. This tool is designed to charge your device’s configuration files for the game. In this tool, there are countless options to choose from. You can use this feature to unlock your device’s FPS ability with ultra-high graphics settings. Minecraft APK

It is quite clear that the graphics settings improve quality. By using settings like Vulkan, Zero Lag Mode, or halving the resolution, you can increase FPS. Some of its settings perform better than others, and the zero-lag mode removes any lag in the game. This the best option for getting the solution to low FPS and lag in PUBG. If your device is unable to run PUBG, it is worth trying.

However, there is a policy update from the developers of PUBG. According to the new policy, anyone who abuses the policy of the game by using hacking tools, he/she will be banned from playing PUBG for 10 years. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry about being banned by using this tool. This tool does not use any scripts to hack the system of the game. With this tool, you cannot tweak any game coins or stuff. All this tool does is to make your device compatible to play PUBG like never before. If you own a 2-3 years older android device and suffer to get high FPS or don’t get a smooth gaming experience due to lag, using this tool is the best option!

Tool features

  • Play in 1080 Resolution by changing the game resolution.
  • Enjoy HDR Game Graphics after Unlocking the HDR graphics for older and low-end devices.
  • Have an Exciting FPS after enabling the Extreme FPS level.
  • Live Stylish by Changing “graphics style setting.”
  • Get to Enable or disable shadow in the game with your will.
  • Tweak the Shadow Quality by selecting the shadow quality of your liking.
  • Change the Shadow Resolution to Change the shadow pixel size.
  •  4xMSAA after Enabling/disabling Anti-Aliasing.
  • Choose MSAA Level by Selecting MSAA Level.
  • Have control by selecting the Anisotropic filtering (AF) level with this tool.
  • Select your Graphics Rendering Level to maximize the graphics quality.
  • Enable the Detail Mode that allows you to set the detail according to the graphics profile.
  • Unlock the light effects in the game.
  • Save your game layout & sensitivity settings to free yourself from the fear of reset.
  • Optimize your gaming experience after enabling Zero Lag Mode and Battery Efficiency
  • Get an older device to play PUBG by choosing a graphics profile according to your RAM.
  •  Rendering according to the Hardware-Acceleration to enable VULKAN and OPENGL 3.1+.
  • Optimize your phone’s GPU with Custom OpenGL shaders.
  • the Memory Boost by boosting your game performance.
  • Have the Smart widget to launch the PB Gfx+ tool.

What is new?

  • The tool now supports the latest version of PUBG.

What is PUB Gfx+ Tool MOD APK?

This tool is the only way to enable your device to run PUBG with full power. The game servers do not ban you after installing and using this tool. However, there is a problem. The free version of this tool is available on the Play Store. The free version does not provide the necessary tools to enhance your experience. If you want the full version of this tool, you have to pay money on Play Store. To avoid paying money, and having the tool for free on your device, choose the PUB Gfx+ Tool MOD APK. Here are the features of the modded tool.

Mod features

  • Get all the premium modes without paying the money for PUB Gfx+ Tool on Play Store.
  • The side menu does not contain “Rate,” “Other applications,” “Share,” and “Contact us” in this mod.
  • You can choose the standard and dark theme in this mod.


After reading all the features packed in the modded version of this tool free, any PUBG player will feel excited. However, the question of “where to download?” kicks in. Well, you do not have to look anywhere on the internet to find this tool. Why go anywhere else when you can download the PUB Gfx+ Tool MOD APK right now. Download this modded tool right now by the download button available on our website.

How to install

  • Click on the download button on this webpage.
  • Complete your download; the tool is tiny.
  • Once your download finishes, head to the download folder of your device.
  • Locate the PUB Gfx+ Tool MOD APK in your downloads folder.
  • Hit the apk file to install the tool in your device.
  • After installing, open the game to get the most out of PUBG.



User reviews

User Review

The tool allows running PUBG smoothly. This is the best and only GFX tool for any phone. You can Notice a considerable change in graphics quickly, and the game does not lag at all after installing this game. With this tool, you can have the other graphics settings you were looking for. However, do not choose the FPS setting that is not compatible with your device. Some people complain about the app for making their phone slow, but this is not a matter at all.

In case you set FPS settings that your device cannot control, it is not the fault of the tool. The recommended FPS settings are between using 40-60 FPS. This tool is the only GFX tool compared to other free tools. This tool allows you to give more control over the game’s graphics to boost your gameplay.

Final words

PUBG Gfx+ Tool MOD APKThere are all the graphics tweaks that you want to enhance your PUBG experience. You can adjust your game Resolution, allow HDR graphics, and unlock the FPS limit too. You also get to tweak Shadows, the quality of Texture, MSAA, and Extra Effects by using this tool. The modes, Best Settings, Zero Lag + Efficient Battery Mode, allow you to play PUBG on any compatible device. This tool is the only tool you want to beat the lags on your phone. Hit the download button right now to download this paid tool free from our website.

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