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Pixel People MOD APK The horrendous future awaits us if we do not live peacefully. Everyone around the world has mass-destruction weapons, and you cannot guarantee a peaceful future for your younger generations. The whole thing of it makes any feel bad. None of us wants to see the world-destroying. We have to take measures to save ourselves, and the humans are coming after us.

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However, you can think of it positively. If you want to be the one who gets the opportunity to rebuild the destroyed world, here comes the opportunity. Pixel people, mod apk, allows you to do so.

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Pixel people’s mod apk is a game in which you can work with genetics to make new pixel people, and pixel city. The city of yours, in which you will be able to take control of everything. The game takes the power of your mind, and you cannot leave the fun!

Pixel People MOD APK

NamePixel People
RequiresAndroid 4.0.3+
Last updated2016-08-09


This game is much like a town-building simulator. At the start of the game, you have minimal resources. However, as you progress through the game, you keep on getting the things necessary for your game. This game encourages starting human cloning for the sake of creating a population and making money. At the start of the game, you only have two professions, to begin with.

You have a mayor and a mechanic character. When you combine both, you get an engineer for your work. Moreover, when you combine an engineer with a mayor, you get an architect for majestic building projects. That is how you keep on combining professions in the game.

The most fun thing about the game is that you can create the city and the residents in it. The world is named Utopia, and your Utopia is populated by clones. As you enter the game, you make clones. Also, systematically, you create new clones for the modern city. The city is not a usual one, you have made the residents, and you have to give them opportunities.

Creating a new clone professional makes a new place for them to work. As the residents keep adding, you can earn money within the game. Keep on joining the genes of different residents, and make new clones for your city. Making new clones means that you have more residents in the town.

As you keep mixing the genes to make clone humans of different professions, you can get as many as 150 clones. The clones are styled in pixel style, and their cuteness keeps you focused on the game plot. In this game, you can unlock many professions by progressing. However, most of the clones unlock new buildings. Combining a valet with a mechanic opens a pilot. An unlocking pilot gives you money, and it opens a spaceport building.

If you want to roam casually in the game, keep in mind that you are going to face plodding progress. However, you can make it to the next level if you keep playing the game. Even for those who do not will to spend more time on the game, you can still enjoy the game. There is not much space in-game for building, and choosing what to build and where to build is a difficult decision. The decision to select coin-growing trees or choosing decorations makes it difficult for you to roam casually. The share of the citizen’s income also comes to your account. To make the best out of the game, you have to spend your time carefully.


  • Make up to 280 pixel people for your city
  • Get the hidden animals of the game by progressing
  • Look out for the minigames and bonuses within your buildings
  • Say goodbye to modern style by enjoying pixel art
  • Show your newly made pixel to your friends
  • Customize the Utopia of pixels you have built according to your will
  • Find the little secrets of your Utopia and the pixel people living in the city to stay happy
  • Get to unlock new buildings to find new surprises to fill you with fun
  • Expect the presence of love as the population increases within your Utopia
  • Expect new bonuses like utopia, coins, or a cute animal to roam in your Utopia

What is new?

  • Bug fixes

What is pixel people mod apk?

This game is no doubt the one you must play. You get to make your own city, and this is the coolest thing you should try. However, after reaching 100 citizens in the game, buildings are going to take 24 hours incomplete. Sometimes, it can take more than 24 hours to grow a city. Splicing a new clone can take more than 30 minutes. The pain in the game to wait and to force yourself to spend money can make a problem for any player.
Nevertheless, there is a workaround. You do not have to wait all the time when you have the pixel people mod apk. In this mod, you do not have to wait all the time when you can play the game with unlimited money. By bypassing the In-App purchases, you can have to spend money in the game, as you want.

Mod features

  • Have unlimited money in this mod
  • Get everything you want with money in the game




This mod is the best thing if you’re going to enjoy the fun-packed in-the-pixel people game in full blow. However, the problem remains if you do not know how to download the mod for this game. Downloading mod is not a problem; you can get the mod right now by clicking on the download button.

How to install

  • Download the mod apk by clicking on the download button

  • Find the downloaded apk in the downloads folder of your device

  • Click the apk to install the mod on your device

  • Enjoy the hassle-free game without worrying about money


Pixel People MOD APK Download

Pixel People MOD APK Latest Version

User reviews

User Review

The game keeps the fun from the beginning to the very end, and the users love who the game story progresses. However, there are some things not very refreshing in this game. The plot makes it very difficult for the players to choose the building placement. Some menus in the game do not show the essential things on the front.

Pixel People is the town builder game you have to pick because of the smartness and fun-packed in it. Whenever you unlock a new profession in the game, you cannot resist laughing. Opening a new building is the same fun, and the naming scheme is much fun. With the pixel people mod apk in your device, you do not have to worry about it at all. The reviews on the internet about this game prove that it is one of the best games you can pick.

Final words

Pixel People mod apk is the must-have app on your device if you want to love town-building fantasies. The style of the game is marvelous. Although the game is set in the future, having a pixel animation style is a fabulous idea. If you have any problems regarding downloading and installation, let us know!

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