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Old Gold 3D MOD APK Life is not what we see now; it has been here for the time. We cannot even count, and it will stay here when we are not here. Tales from the past continue to exist; even those who started and animated those tales are not here. This can be explained in real life too, we do not know who created the first wheel, but the wheel is here despite the man creating it not here anymore. Gold has been known to be worthy in the past era and is still worthy today. To see the horrors of the past, Old gold 3D mod apk is a better option.

In Old gold 3D mod apk, you get the chance to visit the places of the distant past, where the dungeons are filled with deadly creatures. To claim the bounties hidden in those places, you have to stay focused and prepared!

Old Gold 3D MOD APK

As told earlier, you have to visit a dangerous place from the distant past, and you have to risk your life, again and again, to seek what you want. You have to attack the dungeons that are full of defenders, and the defenders are not ordinary ones. The defenders standing firm at those deadly dungeons is non-other than pure evil. If you stay lucky to get past those evil creatures, you have to keep on your toes to fight the ugly of the ugliest: the powerful bosses that are waiting there for centuries to take care of the ancient gold.

You have to be the hero from this world to claim all the riches lying in the deadly dungeons. The process of killing the evil defenders and fighting dangerous bosses is not the only thing you have to do in the game. You have to get better in the fighting style of yours and make sure that your abilities to adventure and sabotage your enemies are getting better over time. However, there is one fun thing in this fiesta; the game is highly addictive. The game is an outstanding Role-Playing game, and you have to keep up with its fast pace all the time.

The gameplay of this game is very similar to the old gems that included the gameplay we know today as “retro.” The old-school games never failed to amuse us in our past, and this game pays homage to such titles of the past. Playing this game allows you to rediscover the fun and crunch packed in the older games.

Your weapons

When you start your quest to find the gold hidden in the deadly dungeons, you have some cool things to assist you in your journey. There are these deadly weapons in the game:

  • An old sword that is broken
  • Rocks of the tomb
  • The bow of the dungeon hunter
  • The throwing knives of the assassin
  • The sword of the Knight
  • The flicker dagger
  • The mace of the raider
  • The magic staff of the heretic
  • The doom’s spear

When you enter this game, there are many things to gain, but the only and the most important thing you can lose is your life. By getting the role of the game’s hero, you are going to journey the deadly labyrinths, and you can visit those labyrinths in the 3D view.

You are not only going to deal with deadly creatures; you are about to get rewards in the form of rare items that are unknown to the world. Also, you can get the old treasure chests if you stay true to your goal. There is no one stopping you, and you have to make sure that you make the most out of that opportunity. The game is full of rare items, and the treasure chests are lying there for you. Your hero is prepared to battle with the enemies!

Ending the tyranny

As you keep progressing through the game, you have to get at full swing of your swordsmanship and make all the necessary efforts to get the best at the art of using arrows. Improving your skills is most needed, as you have to combat the worst enemy that is full of evil. Moreover, the one leading the hordes of the evil army is the Undead King, and you have to make sure that you destroy the terror of the king.

Game features

  • Get your hands over the treasures of the past
  • Fight the enemy of yours that is equipped with evil powers
  • Explore the dungeons to get what is rightfully yours as a brave human
  • Get to increase your RPG skills, and kill the enemy on sight

What’s new?

  • You can get More free diamonds and money in this version.
  • There are several game improvements included in this update.
  • There is a significant Update of the first dungeons.
  • The hunter knife is updated.
  • The weapon store is changed now.
  • The Updated Dungeons are more fun.
  • You currently have Stone Golems.
  • Get to fight the Horned Demons.
  • Encounter the Skeleton Warriors.
  • Battle with Skeleton Ghosts.
  • Fight the Undead King.
  • Enjoy the Added Great Shield in this version.
  • Kill efficiently with the Added Superior Spear.
  • Enjoy the Added hunter leaderboards.
  • Locate the Added 18 hunter dungeons in this version.
  • Now have the Updated experience of potions.

What is Old gold 3D mod apk?

There is each detail of horror and fun have taken care of in this game. However, certain things still need improvement. You do not have enough time to keep toiling for free diamonds and money in the game, and buying coins from the in-app purchases is just a disgrace. To save yourself from spending money, or spending most of the time struggling to pile up coins, have Old gold 3D mod apk from our website. This modded version addresses all your problems, and you can enjoy the gameplay now with no worries at all!

Mod features

  • Get unlimited coins
  •  Stop wasting your money on in-app purchases
  • Make marvelous improvements in the very beginning of the game
  • Make your way to the next stages with extra coins
  • Kill all of your enemies with the updated weapons, thanks to the mod money


The game is all but fun, and the modded version multiplies the fun manifolds. If you love to complete the quest in no time, and surpass the stage in the blink of an eye, have the Old gold 3D mod apk on your device. The question comes in one’s mind; how to download the modded version? The answer is our website, click on the given link to have the modded version on your device.


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How to install

  • Locate the downloaded apk in your file manager

  • Click on it to install the game

  • Enjoy the game after installation

Final words

The controls of this game are straightforward to understand, and the classic RPG look included in this game makes it an excellent choice for an RPG lover. Old gold 3D mod apk right now from our website, keep visiting our website, and share our website with fellow gamers! Enjoy the modded game, and keep visiting our website for more apps and games!

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