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Nova Launcher Prime APK 6.2.4 Free 2020 Customization is the lifeline of creativity. When we are allowed to make slight changes to something we love to change, we become delighted. However, think about changing the whole thing according to your will.

The launcher is an Android user interface that allows users to configure the home screen, launch your mobile apps, make phone calls, and perform other tasks on phones using the mobile operating system for Android. The launcher is built into Android, but the Android Market offers many launchers for download. If you want to customize the built-in launcher or want to install a new launcher, nova launcher prime apk is the best choice. Nova Launcher Prime APK

Nova launcher is one of the best apps for customization on the android os platform. If you want to give a completely new look to your android device, you can achieve this goal by installing nova launcher prime apk in your android device. This launcher is the best android launcher you can have in your device! GTA SA APK

Nova Launcher Prime APK

App NameNova Launcher
DeveloperTeslaCoil Software
Operating systemVaries with device
Last UpdatedOctober 4, 2019

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Customization with Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Prime APK

Nova Launcher is one of the Android ecosystem’s most popular home screens from third-party developers. If you’ve never installed a launcher on your phone, you might be feeling no excitement. However, the features of this launcher are very compelling. This launcher allows you to increase your home screen’s number of rows or columns. You can even customize your icons by downloading icon packs. Damon PS2 PRO APK

One of the best features of Nova Launcher pro apk is Customizable swipe gestures. These gestures make your regular activity of opening and closing apps a new fun. Once you get into using gestures present in this launcher, you cannot look back! By having Nova Launcher in your android device, it means that you can have a wide range of app drawer customization options at your disposal. Nova launcher is packed with many helpful features to keep your app drawer ultra-organized. Minecraft APK

Nova Launcher is a popular substitute for the home screen on the android device. You can personalize your home screen with launcher flexibly. It is full of advanced features to boost your home screens. Even with all customization, it offers a user-friendly option for everyone. You can completely overhaul your home screen with Nova.

The “pull to search” feature in the app drawer shows a drop-down search bar to locate your applications. This comes with a list of your most commonly used apps, the newest apps you have accessed, and a list of newly installed and modified apps. These are continuously updated over time based on how you use your phone, and they are essential if you have a broad device library to shift through.

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Features of Nova launcher

  • Stay updated with The Newest Features as Nova provides all other phones with the latest Android launcher features.
  • Get Custom Icon Themes available in the Play Store for nova launcher with thousands of icon themes.
  • Have Night Mode or Dark Theme at any given time automatically, or switch it on for a dark theme.
  • Get vertical or horizontal scrolling with adjustable App Drawer for better app results. You can choose the card or immersive option.
  • Have Subgrid Positioning icons and widgets enables you to get a precise feel and format with Nova. Pulling this feature is difficult with most other launchers.
  • Having a backup and restore features when switching from phone to phone or trying new home screen configurations is a breeze thanks to the backup and restore the functionality of Nova. For fast transfers, backups can be stored locally or stored in the cloud.
  • The high optimization of Nova with animations that are smooth and snappy make even older phones feel fast and fluid.

What is new?

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  • Enjoy more Improved Nova Settings in this release
  • Have More Adaptive Icon options available in this version
  • You now have an Option to automatically match folder and app drawer icon size to the desktop
  • See new window styles in folders to choose from windowed or immersive modes
  • The Folder background shapes are now the same as the adaptive icon
  • You can now stylize App drawer search bar like on the desktop
  • You can now set Google or Nova as a Search bar provider
  • Enjoy the Added vertical or horizontal scrolling options for folders in the launcher

What is nova launcher prime apk?

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Nova launcher is on the list in any of the best android launchers. The nova launcher is the best home screen replacement for Android for many users of android os. However, with Nova Launcher Prime apk, you can do more. Nova launcher prime apk on the play store is not available for free. We are providing you nova launcher prime apk on our website without any money all. Now you can unpack the full potential of Nova Launcher from our website with Nova Launcher Prime apk. Terraria APK 

Nova launcher prime apk features

  • Have gestures to Swipe, pinch, double-tap, and more on the home screen to have actions according to your will.
  • With App Drawer Groups, you can create custom tabs or folders in the app drawer for best organizational experience
  • Easily Hide Apps and Remove apps from the app drawer without the need of uninstalling them.
  • Create Custom Icon Swipe Gestures and Assign swipe gestures to home screen icons or folders for new commands.
  • Have more scrolling effects, better unread counts, and many more goodies.


The nova launcher is available on the Google Play Store. However, the launcher on the play store does not provide all features in the free version. You do not have all the features by installing the free version. To have more customizability in the launcher without paying money, download the nova launcher prime apk from our website right now. Having nova launcher in your android device makes you able to customize your android home and desktop screen according to your will!

How to install

  • Click on the download button available on this page.
  • After successfully downloading the nova launcher, locate the apk file in the download folder.
  • Click on the downloaded nova launcher prime apk to install the launcher.
  • Open the launcher to start customizing your device!


nova launcher prime apk 2020 free download

nova launcher prime apk 2020

nova launcher prime apk

User Review
This is the app for you if you want to customize items. The gestures you can set up on the home screen are the favourite thing about it. You can set a Google Gesture Search gesture that is faster than anything else to open Google app is. Over the years, Nova Launcher has been working on all the latest versions of Android. In this launcher, there are great options. You can have a blank home screen with a pure black wallpaper and transparent swipe gestures to reach all of your smartphone’s regions. You can hide the bloatware with this launcher on your phone. To save yourself from accidentally rearranging apps in your pocket, you can lock your home screen!

Final words

Nova launcher is the best android launcher for many users around the world. You can have a completely new look on your phone with the nova launcher. Customize your mobile user experience right now by downloading nova launcher prime apk from our website!



Version Size Requirements Date Varies with device 4.2 and up 09/04/2021
Varies with device Varies with device Varies with device 19/02/2021
8.3.0 - Android 2.3.2+ 28/03/2021
Latest 15M 7.0 and up 19/02/2021