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Ninja Raiden Revenge MOD APK  Providing espionage assistance to feuds in Japan back in the days, Ninjas are part of our lives. Their unique techniques to sabotage their targets made them able to thrive after centuries in the present world. The impact of Japanese concepts and culture has made a significant impact on the modern lifestyle, and Ninjas stand stalwart in all of this. However, what if you are allowed to live like a ninja? Sure seems like a blunt consideration, but you have to think twice. With the advent of super-powerful smartphones, you can become anything. Becoming a ninja is easy with Ninja Raiden revenge mod apk.

Ninja Raiden revenge mod apk is the game that revolves around the central theme; to eradicate the evil taking over the world. The fun thing is you can play that role by having this awesome game in your device, and you can get this game right now from our website.

Ninja Raiden Revenge MOD APK

NameNinja Raiden Revenge
DeveloperTenda Games
RequiresAndroid 4.1 and up
Last updated October 7, 2019


We all love the legendary tales, and this one is no different from the best legendary tales. Every bit of this tale makes you feel it, and want you to spend more time on this game. This is the legend of Orochi, and you have to try this one. In this tale, you have to battle a demon that is an eight-headed snake, and the snake is not a normal one, as you can imagine. The eight tails of this snake are drenched in blood and are inflamed every time and every day. This cursed serpent of the underworld spans over eight valleys and eight hills to add to its horrors. Whenever 100 years pass according to the secular calendar, the Orochi gets the reviving power to devour the world. Orochi is reviving again to rampage this world.

And guess what? The horrible and deadly creature has enabled its bodily functions again. The brutal era is going to achieve its apocalyptic epoch. The Orochi is all-active now, and you have to face reality. In no time, this serpent has rampaged hundreds of villages. After destroying so many beautiful places, it has now come to the Wind Village. This village is thriving with a youthful ninja. This ninja has achieved all the warrior skills, and has everything that a ninja needs!

Raiden is the name of the ninja living in the Wind village, and he is the last warrior living in the town of Wind. He comes from the bloodline of Susanoo, Susanoo is the god of the storms and the sea. Susanoo had sealed Orochi in the past, and Raiden is the chosen one to stop Orochi again from spreading terror and wiping life on this planet. You have to be Raiden and save the world from this horror. To perform the holy task of stopping Orochi, Raiden has to pass through the rough times!

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Game controls

The controls of this game are straightforward and intuitive. You get two buttons on the lower left and four buttons on the smaller correct display. The ones on the left side are to move, and the four others help you to do more tasks. Considering the plot of the game, it is not very difficult to play.

Game features

  • Play the game that combines action, puzzle adventure, and RPG characteristics in one package!
  • Visit the eight different maps, and get to play 96 levels in this game
  • Get to battle with eight big bosses in each graph, the zombies and monsters are waiting to tear you apart!
  • Have super comfort while moving your character in the game
  • Keep toiling hard to clear levels and upgrade the skills of your character
  • Indulge yourself with highly addictive and stunning graphics
  • Do not rest for a moment, and stay on your toes to challenge yourself all the time!

What’s new?

  • Major bugfixes in stage 3 and 4 of the story mode

What is Ninja Raiden revenge mod apk?

No doubt that this game everything you want from the tale of a ninja. The plot keeps you interested all the time, you can enjoy the outstanding graphics, the soundtrack is heart revving, and you can get all the entertainment in this bundle! However, there is a problem. You have to spend money to get the achievements in this game. It is not good when the game developers limit your progress until you can get money. If you want to get unlimited money in the game without spending money, it is the perfect time to have Ninja Raiden revenge mod apk in your device.

Mod features

  • Get unlimited money to unlock all the items in this mod
  • Bypass the paywall set by the developers
  • Do not spend money on in-app purchases


The modded version of this game has the perfect amount of coins to get everything cleared in no time. However, is it clear how to download this modded version in your device? Your question is logical, and the answer is very reasonable, as well. The apkditto team presents modded apps and games for you daily, and you can download Ninja Raiden revenge mod apk as well right now from our website. Click on the download now button and have Ninja Raiden revenge mod apk in your device.


Ninja Raiden Revenge MOD APK

Ninja Raiden Revenge MOD APK (2)

Ninja Raiden Revenge MOD APK (1) Ninja Raiden Revenge MOD APK (1)

How to install

  • Click the download button and have Ninja Raiden revenge mod apk on your device

  • Locate the downloaded apk on your device

  • Click on the apk file to start the installation

  • After a successful installation, open the game to enjoy the goodness

  • If you cannot install the game, enable “unknown sources” on your android smartphone

User Review

If you want to know what other gamers think about this game, you should be happy to know that this game has many positive reviews from people all around the world. Although this game is not the only game based on the story of a ninja, you can play this ninja game without hesitation. People love the way the story is staged in different levels, and how the controls are helping to get through any stage.

The theme of the game sets the tone of the gameplay, and you get fully involved once you start the game daily. The game is in 2D scape, but that does not decrease the quality of the game at all. The action of the game is paced at a higher pace, and you do not feel stuck by the story. Weapons in the game are super cool, and you can use all of them to kill the enemies in your way. If you are looking for a fun game that does not resource hungry and does not demand you to spend many MBs either, you can surely choose this title to assist yourself in your free time!

Final words

Unlike other games revolving around a tale, you are not required to have a feature-packed smartphone to run this game. If you want an outstanding 2D experience while living the life of a ninja, Ninja Raiden revenge mod apk is the best choice!

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