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Varies with device
Feb 14, 2021
Varies with device
Varies with device
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my boy apk Mobile games are top-rated nowadays. Those people who don’t want to play games on a PC or console prefer mobile phones because of their accessibility. Mobile games require lower specifications compared to the PC or a console, and the games on mobiles are fun to play. However, some old gaming consoles had such games that are not created anymore by modern developers. Video game culture has deep roots in Japan.

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Many countries are responsible for the enormous popularity of this gaming culture, and some of them are still toping the scene. One of the most popular consoles in Game Boy Advance and gba emulator is the best way to play its games on android. My boy apk is enables you to play your most favorite and old-schools games that very originally made for Game Boy Advance on your android phone. My boy apk has the capability of emulating the same running environment as the original gaming console, and you can depend on gba emulator android to play the games you love most.



NameMy Boy! - GBA Emulator
DeveloperFast Emulator
RequiresAndroid 2.3
Last updatedMay 21, 2017


If you think of the older gaming consoles, their computing power is tremendously low compared to modern devices. However, it does not mean that those older devices did not entertain us. Almost all of the old gaming consoles are responsible for making the acceptance of video games in this generation. Game Boy Advance is the heartbeat of many gamers still today, and GBA emulator android makes sure that this system is wholly emulated on your smartphone.

The best thing about my boy is that it can run on both the latest and old android devices. It does not depend upon the performance of a smartphone. It requires insufficient memory to hold its processes and run your favorite Game Boy Advance games. This allows you to take most out of your time by playing vintage video games on an older android device. You can also run my boy on your latest android smartphones to get the nostalgic feels.
The power to emulate
Compared to all the emulators of Game Boy Advance in the market, my boy emulator is by far the best one you can come across. The best thing about it is that it can run games on 60 FPS even on older devices. The compatibility rates of this emulator are very high, unlike other emulators present in the market. All of it comes with deficient power consumption. This emulator does not eat up your battery and makes sure that you enjoy gaming for more extended periods. While on the other hand, all of the other emulators are known to drain the battery much faster.

The BIOS integration
On many emulators present in the market, the significant problem is that you have to configure the BIOS yourself. You will have to hunt the file all over the internet, and the chances are that you might stumble on corrupted data as well. However, there is no need to worry if you got gameboy emulator android. This apk comes embedded with the original BIOS file, and you can start using this emulator as soon as after its installation.

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The main thing in any piece of software is the ability to customize it. With emulators, the need for customization is very high. There are many aspects that smooth the gameplay, and you have to toggle them yourself to see the best results. Many emulators in the market are unable to do so, but gba emulator apk is the one you can use for customization purposes.You can change the layout of the game to your liking. You can even change the size for the best results. Transparency of a game can also be adjusted on this emulator. The best thing is that you can even customize the size of on-screen buttons with this emulator.

The real gaming experience
The most fun way to enjoy vintage and modern games are to use a physical controller. The controllers allow you to get the most satisfactory feelings by playing the game. However, it is always the best choice to play your favorite games with a physical controller in your hand. With this, my boy gba emulator, you can connect the controller with your Android device to play the games you want in a real way. This my boy gba emulator apk is capable of running the Game Boy Advance games with a controller.


  • It provides the speediest emulation to save the battery unlike any other emulator
  • The high compatibility of this emulator allows you to play nearly all Game Boy Advance games
  • You can do the link cable emulation on your device or any other device using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • This emulator can use your phone’s Gyroscope and other sensors to provide the best gaming experience
  • Become the elite player by enabling or disabling the cheat codes and enjoying the gaming at its best
  • The integrated BIOS allows you to play the games without any problems
  • It also supports ROM patching
  • It renders using OpenGL or standard rendering depending on the device hardware
  • You can also enable video filters with GLSL shaders
  • You can fast forward or slow down the game to enhance your experience
  • Get screenshot from any game screen
  • Play your saved games on many devices using the Google Drive sync feature
  • Get many shortcut buttons and an On-screen keypad
  • Harness the power of screen layout editor to resize the on-screen buttons and the game itself
  • You can even use external controllers with this app
  • A very intuitive and useful user interface
  • Have the configuration you want with the many profiles available
  • Make home screen shortcuts to access your favorite games on the go

What’s new?

  1. Play your saved progress on other devices using Google Drive Sync
  2. Game file now loads off the UI thread
  3. Setting UI has been improved

How to download
My boy gba emulator apk is a paid app over the Google Play Store. In case you cannot pay the money for some reasons and want to enjoy the emulator, the great news is that you can download it right now from our website. We do not require any money from you to download this great emulator, nor do we put annoying ads to test your patience.

How to install

  1. Locate the download of my boy apk in your device storage.
  2. Click on it to start the installation.
  3. Launch it from your device home screen.

User reviews
This emulator is by far the most rated emulators of all time. You can rely on this emulator to play almost every game ever that was released for Game Boy Advance. Users love the features of saving the game for future plays. You can also customize the button size and many other things to enhance your gaming experience.


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Final words
This emulator allows you to enjoy the quality emulation of your favorite Game Boy Advance games. Download my boy apk right now from our website and start the gaming session right now! Make sure to keep visiting our website as we bring the best games and apps to maximize the fun!



Version Size Requirements Date Varies with device 4.2 and up 09/04/2021
Varies with device Varies with device Varies with device 19/02/2021
8.3.0 - Android 2.3.2+ 28/03/2021
Latest 15M 7.0 and up 19/02/2021