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Mr Bullet MOD APK Puzzles and mysteries always amaze us. We love to solve problems, especially when others are shy about answering them. To make ourselves look better than others, we choose to be the ones who can do all sorts of amazing things. However, not all of us have the chance to do so.

Spying and solving puzzles is always fun, but doing both things at the same time in the real world takes much practice. One of the most fun things about technology is that it has made us able to do anything in the virtual world. Mr Bullet MOD APK allows us to slow puzzles on our smartphones.

Mr Bullet MOD APK falls into the genre of puzzle gaming, and you can solve one to get the badge of a mystery solver. The game is filled with one fun task and that one task is put in many places that the experience is wholesome and rewarding at the same time.

Mr. Bullet MOD APK

NameMr Bullet - Spy Puzzles
DeveloperLion Studios
RequiresAndroid 4.1 and up
Last updatedOctober 22, 2019


This game focuses on only one simple task; to play the role of a spy legend, who kills the wrong people in flash seconds. The game is made so aesthetically pleasing that you cannot get bored of the game after playing it several times. When the game starts, you hold a gun and aim at the character in front of you. By killing your enemy, you get stars on how many shots you took to kill that person. If you finished your enemy with one bullet, you get three stars. After collecting your stars based on the number of shots you used, you can advance to the next level.

Although the plot of the game is very gore in its nature, the setting of the game is so pleasing and straightforward. You get to kill several criminals at a time, and it is your job as a spy to solve the puzzle. You are taken to different places in the game, and it would be very fun-packed for you to take shots on professional ninjas in the Ninja Castle. The blood coming out of the dead body is like small red drops, and you do not get to see some extraordinary graphics upon a killing, but that is the pure craftiness of the game.

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There were very significant stages in the game initially, and more steps have been added over time. The game covers what you would want in any game, a good plot, easy-to-understand controls, and a rewarding system that keeps you hooked to the game. Not everyone likes the setup of killing mini-scale offenders in a set space, but change is what inspires this game studio to release newer games. Although the game does not feature bloodbath scenes, it is still put in the category of 16+ for its violent content. It is highly advised to not overlook this game by checking pictures only.

Game features

  • Save this precious world by destroying the bad ones!
  • Be Mr. Bullet to help him out in his mission of clearing the world from bad people.
  • Zombies, aliens, and the agents of chaos are all lurking here, and you have to polish your skills to save the world from them.
  • Unveil new adventures.
  • Many enemies scattered on different levels, and you have to take down all of them! Do you have the courage to take on this challenge? Can you unravel puzzles?
  • Shoot bullets in ricocheting, bouncing, and straightforward manner! Employ shots to take objects down, and make fatal orders for your enemies!
  • Start explosions by making the objects fall, and see what happens!
  • Face the new adventures.
  • Save the lives of innocents taken as hostages throw grenades on enemies, and take on secret missions. Use every one of your bullets carefully for the cause!
  • Use puzzling tactics of Physics.
  • Taking on your enemies does not mean shooting bullets in vain, get a perfect speed, aim accurately, and take your enemies down. Can you do all of this in every stage to grab three stars?
  • Do you consider yourself the best spy? Face PVP multiplayer scenarios to see who the best is.

What’s new?

  • Enjoy the season mode.

What is Mr Bullet MOD APK

Like many other apps in the market, Mr Bullet MOD APK also has in-app purchases. While the game is fascinating and fun to play at the same time, it is not very easy to go through the paywall set by the game developers. If you want to enjoy the game to its fullest, you have to pay money for that purpose. The in-game ads also push you to do something extraordinary, and Mr Bullet MOD APK brings that unusual for you.

Mod features

  • Unlimited money in the game
  • See no ads while you are passing through your best stage
  • Clear the competition in no time


Hmm, the modded version of this game is worth downloading. The unlimited money feature and the ads disabled in this version let your mind focus on the game. However, what if you do not know where to download the game. If you want to download this marvelous game with modded goodies, you do not have to visit any other website. Click on the “Download now” button on our website to have Mr Bullet MOD APK in your device!

How to install

  • Download the modded apk from this webpage on your device
  • Click on the modded apk to install the modded game on your device
  • Open the installed game, and enjoy the modded goodies without paying money


Mr Bullet MOD APK - ( Unlimited Money ) Mr Bullet MOD APK

User Review

Although the game does not feature high-quality graphics or extraordinary plots, it is still much fun to see the ratings of the game on Play Store. Players love the simple graphics of the game. They also love how the game progresses to give players fun and surprise at the same time. Some stages of the game are elementary, and other puzzles take much time and effort to complete. The players most admire the wholesome nature of the game’s plot.

The 2-D geometry of the game and the remarkable Physics laws to abide by are just outstanding. Unlike the FPS game, you have to use the minimum amount of ammo to kill your enemy. The focus is not on killing as many as possible; the bet is accuracy. You have to stay on the goal of destroying enemies with the lowest amount of bullets by making the right trajectories to accomplish your task.

If you want a game that somehow combines strategy, shooting, and puzzle at the same time, this title is the best one to pick. All the features are blended perfectly to give the best overall gaming experience, and you must not overlook such polished gameplay!

Final words

The only problem with the game is that it shows way too many ads. However, the modded version of the game available on our website does not require you to see ads or pay for in-app purchases. Enjoy the ad-free puzzle solving with unlimited money in the game, and let us know if you have any queries!

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