Mobile Royale MOD APK 1.7.0 (God Mode, High Damage)

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Mobile Royale MOD APK Staying on war is the way of survival. The lifeline of civilization is to become better, but growing better than others can become hectic. Throughout the centuries, countries have been at war to gain better resources. However, gathering resources for survival and for future generations can prove to be a deadly blow.

In the modern world, wars have shifted to economic zones from the battlefronts. Cities and countries fight each other in trade wars and no longer engage in an upfront battle. If you want to fight players worldwide even in this modern world, Mobile Royale MOD APK lets you achieve the goal of yours.

Mobile Royale MOD APK is the strategy MMORPG that you can play to have a fight with players all around the world. The players are mongering for war, and you have to enjoy your share of conflict with these online players. The game has received love and respect from all around the world, and the game stands tall in the Editor’s Choice category of the Play Store. Nothing can stop you know from butchering your enemies!

Mobile Royale MOD APK

NameMobile Royale MMORPG - Build a Strategy for Battle
RequiresAndroid 4.1 and up
Last updatedOctober 29, 2019


The game takes you to the world of Vollandia, an ancient world of fantasy where your life starts. The land is vast and inhabited by many races like humans, elves, dwarfs, and many other deadly monsters. The game puts you in the clan war zone, and you have to set your journey on the fighting tactics. No mercy is here for the one who does not take part in the war, and you have to keep toiling until you get to the next level. The whole game is set on the same server and you alongside other player battles in the same place.

As the game is set on the same server, all players around the world can communicate and fight each other. The translation tool allows players around the world to chat with each other. You, with all the players in the game, create the story of the game as you all progress. The fantasy world allows you to progress from the Stone Age to the modern world.


The game set in the war-torn fantasy allows players to make alliances and join guilds to make themselves on the top. The epic battles are accompanied by dragons, the legendary creatures that are capable of making a losing side the winner.

The supply trains are being ransacked by the monsters, and you can take a step forward to claim all the bounties of the supply line. You have to take every resource that is available to sustain your kingdom. By making your guild to the monster hunt, you can kill the monsters that are causing havoc to the world. You will not be alone, and the others will be trying to take the beast down alone. Killing the creature brings the bounty, and you to kill the beast yourself to claim the prize alone!

Game features

  • Experience the utterly ancient world on the same server!

  • Make allies around the world, use an auto translator to communicate with anyone in the game, and make an alliance to conquer and rule an empire!

  • Enjoy the best 3D graphics in the game, fight on a vast battleground, and discover the majestic fantasy kingdom! Keep toiling to build and upgrade your town!

  • Your trade, war, and strategy tactics revolve around legendary Airships and a floating fort!

  • Stay intrigued by many types of armies and creeds taking part in the game and making it pleasant!

  • Get the leadership skills to command humans, beasts, wyverns, elves, and dwarfs!

  • Let the Grand Hall of Heroes tell you the fantastic background stories of these heroes of yours!

  • Have the dragons you always dreamt of!

  • Praise the services of the excellent guardian wyvern; who considers you the true king of the kingdom, lets a hand in killing the enemies and building the City. Build and rule your kingdom according to the plan

  • Explore the outstanding map of the game containing fantastic lore, housing five races, having 10 clans, a chaotic empire on war, and a dramatic story filled with many scenarios.

  • Choose your strategy in this MMORPG to pave your path and differentiate between your friends and enemies.

  • Stay alarmed about your village while taking part in the battle! Keep an eye on gold and resources and develop the best strategy!

What is new?

  • You can now exchange items freely in the game.
  • There are new and Great rewards included in this version for new players.
  • The City Builder Pass allows you to develop your City at the fastest pace.
  • Enjoy the New Castle Skin “Golden Age”.
  • Have the Optimized display for Hero rewards in the Campaigns.
  • Enjoy the Revamped battle scenes having better 3D effects and perspectives to give a brand new battle experience.
  • Have more immersed experience with the latest tutorial in this version.
  • Get promoted and get featured in the Hall of Heroes in the game.
  • Enjoy the brand-new Emoticon Display.

What is Mobile Royale MOD APK?

This game really takes you to medieval times, and you can get to see the life of the past in this game. However, there are some hurdles while playing this game too. If you do not pay attention to wiping out your enemy, you can lose the game altogether. This war relies on your strategies, and you have to choose the good ones to stay on top. Mobile Royale MOD APK allows you to take the top position in the game with some unique methods.

Mod features

  • Kill enemies with one hit
  • Enjoy the God mode
  • See no ads in the game


The features of the mod make everyone excited to only use the modded version. However, you might be wondering where to download the mod. Luckily, you can download the Mobile Royale MOD APK right now from our website. Click on the epic download button to have the modded advantage now!


Mobile Royale MOD APK Mobile Royale MOD APK Mobile Royale MOD APK

How to install

  • Locate the downloaded files in your file manager.
  • Keep Wi-Fi or cellular data off during installation.
  • Click on the modded apk to install the game.
  • Copy the .obb file into the “” folder.
  • Open the game to enjoy the best battle experience in the ancient world.

User Review
This particular game is only a few of the games that have millions of users around the world, and you can play with others at the same time. This brings the opportunity to make new friends from anywhere in the world. Detailed 3D graphics in the game are fascinating. The characters are designed in cartoon style, and you can enjoy the fantastic setting of the gameplay. There are many different classes of characters, and players can create their own fighting style.

Final words

The game is in Editor’s choice category in the Play Store, and you can believe that the game packs all the fun you wanted to have. If you are looking for a strategy game that takes you to ancient times, you can pick this game. In case of any installation problems, please let us know!

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