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27 May 2022
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Lucky patcher APK V8.6.3 Patching is one of the best things you can do on open-source platforms. Patching is a way to modify some or all of the components of a software piece. As users “patch” some of the contents of an app, the process is called patching. If you have been using a computer, and playing games on the computer, you might know that there are patched versions of the game that come with many features. On top of the features, the patched games are free to play. Well, the lucky patcher app for android allows you to do so many wonderful things that Android OS does not want you to do.

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Lucky patcher is an android app that you can get for free on this website. This Lucky app allows you to mod as many games as you want. By using lucky patcher, you can modify apps and games. You can also remove system apps, completely block ads in games and apps, backup system and user apps, and so on. It also allows you to move apps to SD card, and even eliminate license verification from paid apps and paid games.

Lucky Patcher

NameLucky patcher
RequiresAndroid 4.0+
Last updatedNovember 22, 2019


Most of the time, we get tired of unlocking all the levels of a game. It is just because the developer has built so many walls to get money out of you. However, lucky patcher android is the only app that you can use to get rid of all app-related problems. When you download lucky patcher, you can unlock the full resources of a game without paying a single penny. By using this app, you can get all the characters, unlock all levels, and get in-app purchases for free. All of this is possible with only using this app.

If you want to increase your resources in games, there is a one-in-all lucky patch that allows you to get unlimited gems, unlock unlimited coins or bucks depending on your game. While the normal way of unlocking games resources requires you to pay money, using the lucky patcher app allows you to do this for free. There is no doubt about Ads hampering productivity and concentration using android apps. But this app can block all the ads placed inside any game or app. By using a lucky patcher, you can get rid of all the annoying ads.

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Attaining God Mode in a game is not only tedious but requires you to pay for it as well. But usage of Lucky Patcher unlocks God Mode on any of your android gams. God mode is not the only novelty, you have to pay for unlocking characters, resources, and levels. This patcher allows you to do all of the patchings without paying a single dollar! Besides games, many great android apps want your money for proper working. The pro version of such apps is only allowed to you if you pay the required amount of money. But using lucky patcher makes this process so easy for you that you only have to make some clicks for using the pro version. Any android app can now be unlocked to use its pro version.


App features

  • easily remove ads from any android game or app.
  • get gems, unlock coins, attain chips, and unlock many in-app items that require you to pay money.
  • access any of the game features for free that require you to pay.
  • convert any 3rd party app to a system app, or any system app to 3rd party app.
  • move apps and games to your external SD card.
  • backup and move any specific data of a game.
  • easily remove any permission required by a game or app.

What’s new?

  • Custom patches engine” bug is fixed in this version.
  • The translations are updated in this version.

Why I cannot find a lucky patcher on Play Store?

While you use lucky patcher to unlock the potential of apps present on Play Store, indeed, you cannot find this app on Play Store. The reason is that this app allows its users to bypass the conditions of a developer. The in-app purchases and ads are the major mode of getting money for developers. It is, therefore, impossible to get Lucky patcher on Play Store. However, using Lucky Patcher is not illegal in any way. This piece of software is easily available for years, and steps would have been taken against its developers if it were illegal. However, the Play Store handlers cannot put this app on their platform to follow their policy.

Some uses of Lucky patcher in detail

With a lucky patcher, you can do so many things that all of them cannot be described here. But here are some quick guides on how you can do common tasks using the patcher.

Remove license verification

There are license verification walls on many apps, and you can break them by using Lucky Patcher. The 3 modes to remove the verifications are: “Automatic mode”, “Extreme mode”, and “Manual mode”. By using any of the methods, you can completely remove the built-in license verification of many apps.

Remove Google ads

To disable Google ads in your app, you do not have to buy the pro version. All you have to do is to open lucky patcher app, and go to the “Remove Google Ads” option within the app. After clicking, you have to click on “Patch to remove Google Ads”, and you have to do so while staying connected to the internet. By doing so, you can get rid of the Google ads present in any app. If you want to restore the ad settings, you can do so by clicking on the “Restore” option within the lucky patcher.

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Download Lucky Patcher

If you want to unlock the real potential of any app, your only way to do so is by using lucky patcher. This app allows you to get rid of the ads, remove annoying permissions, turn any system app to a 3rd party app, uninstall any system app, get unlimited coins in any game, get all the in-app purchases for free, and much much more. Several hours are needed to get to know what you can achieve using lucky patcher. It is not like this app is difficult to use, it is because there is so much to do with lucky patcher. As this app is not present on Play Store, you can get this from our website right now. You do not have to make a “lucky patcher apk download” query on your search engine anymore, as you can get the lucky patcher apk right now!

How to install

Lucky Patcher V8.6.3

Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky Patcher APK Download

Download the lucky patcher apk, and locate it in your file manager.
Click on the downloaded apk to start the installation, make sure that you have enabled unknown sources.

In case of an “app not installed” issue, go to the Play Store app. In the app, disable “scan device for security threats” by going into “Play Protect”.

Final words

There is so much to do in lucky patcher. However, if you do not want to do so much, attaining the ability to get all things in a game or app for free is more than much! In case you have any queries about the installation and usage of lucky patcher, please contact us! Happy Patching!


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