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Lego DC Supermanicros MOD APK Bricks are made of clay and are building blocks for everything we know as a building. However, a wild idea of building things on a micro-scale comes true when you have Lego blocks. These Lego blocks are made of plastic, being plastic bricks in their nature. However, these bricks of plastic are capable of interlocking with each other. The interlocking allows kids and adults alike to have small-scale things in no time. Building competitions around the world with Lego blocks is undoubtedly a fun activity. Now, the Lego blocks have entered the gaming world, and Lego DC’s mighty micros mod apk is an outstanding example.

In Lego DC mighty micros mod apk, you get to become Lego DC heroes or villains to take part in a race that is going to be the most fun race of your life. DC characters like Batman, Superman, and wonder woman are known around the globe for their superficial superpowers, and you can race with them in this unique racing competition.

Lego DC Supermanicros MOD APK

NameLEGO® DC Mighty Micros
Version 1.0.1
Requires Android4.1+
Last updated 2019-08-12


The DC characters in this game are styled like Lego characters. As they are Lego characters, they are small in size, micro, to be exact. However, their might is not being stopped by being micro, and they are capable of doing just like their usual selves in the parallel universe of DC itself. However, the fun in this game is that you do not have to play well all the time. If you want to go with the enemies of the DC Lego characters, the choice is all yours. The process of going against the DC characters is not complicated; you can play as Bizzaro or Killer moth if you want to do so.

The theme is simple; you will chase the enemies, or you will become the enemies trying to escape through the grip of the mighty heroes. This is a racing game involving DC characters, and you are going to have fun whether you decide being followed or follow the enemies. If you join the legion of the evil, you are going to do your best to escape the city before the superheroes catch you and demolish you. However, if you become superheroes to find the wrong people, stay on your toes to catch them. Superpowers without sense are useless; you have to show the might of the DC warriors to let all know about the willpower of superheroes.

There are many environments in the game, and all are adorned with many beautiful items. However, in each place, you can become superheroes to explore the map and bring the bad ones to justice. That is what superheroes do, after all. You are equipped with the super gear of the DC characters, and you can use that to send your enemies out of bounds. Everything is in your hands, and being careful all the time is the key.

Game features

  • Have the Batcopter in the game to fly high in the sky and take the Killer moth down with your full potential! Throw the Batman’s Batarang to throw the bug away from your sight in no time, but the cocoon gun comes to your way.
  • The invisible jet of wonder woman is ready to take down the mob of Doomsday, as he is preparing to use its mighty micro vehicle, keep on the watch, as the wonder woman is not going to hold back at all.
  • Bizzaro has many tricks up in his sleeve, and Superman is not going to go easy on him in this race! Stay away from green kryptonite while using blue kryptonite to seize the energy of Bizzaro. Let yourself be a witness to the outcome of fist clashing between the hero and the monster!
  • Have the game to play in 3 different worlds in this game while assuming the form of your favorite DC character.
  • Put this game on kids of 5-12 for their extreme happiness!
  • Get to choose the side of superheroes or the spooky villains.
  • Have impressive scenes to know about the superheroes or villains.
  • If you have one, get the Bluetooth gamepad to enjoy the game even more!

What’s new?

  • Have more fun in this game with the bugs squashed within the gameplay.

What is Lego DC mighty micros mod apk?

This game comes with favorite DC characters in the Lego form, the most praised toys of all time. The racing fun packed in this title is coupled with remarkable dynamics and controls, and you cannot get enough of the fun in this title. Everything is placed at the perfect places, and there is no weak point to look for. However, there is one thing.

No in-app purchases are included by default in this game. If you applaud free games, you can be more than happy with the standard version. However, if you love to reach at the end of the game in no time, the absence of in-app purchases can be a severe problem. If you want to have unlimited money in the game, the Lego DC mighty micros mod apk comes into play.

Mod features

  • Have unlimited money in the game
  • Make quick upgrades without having to wait for tasks completion
  • Have all the stages cleared in no time
  • Reach at the end of the story way faster than the original pace



The game in the modded version is undoubtedly something you cannot miss as a DC and Lego lover. All the complexities of the game vanish with the modded version of the game, and what remains at the end is pure fun. However, there is still one problem. If you do not find a place to download the modded version, it will be no use for you. Nobody wants to leave the fun after feeling how pleasant it would be to have it, and you can Lego DC mighty micros mod apk from our website. The button on this webpage allows you to have Lego DC mighty micros mod apk on your device.

How to install

  • Have the Lego DC mighty micros mod apk in your phone by downloading it

  • Click the downloaded Lego DC mighty micros mod apk to install the game on your device

  • After clean installation, click on the game to enjoy


Lego DC Supermanicros MOD APK Lego DC Supermanicros MOD APK Latest Version Lego DC Supermanicros MOD APK Download

User Review

There is nothing that can be complained about in this game. The graphics are not intense, and add the fun factor to the gameplay. We see DC characters tough and severe all the time, but this game brings the fun factor to the DC world. As you can play both as villain or superhero, there are no constraints at all. Having your way in this one is not even trying.

The sounds and responsive gameplay add every bit of joy to the game. If you have this game, it means that you have the best DC racing experience on your android device. The straightforward controls make kids and adults indulged in the game alike.

Final words

Have Lego DC mighty micros mod apk right now on your android device, and start racing as the mighty heroes. If you love modded games and apps, please keep visiting our website.

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