Is VLLO App Available for Android?

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Are you an Android user and wondering if the VLLO app is available for your device? Well, the answer is yes!

VLLO is a popular video editing app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. In this article, we will discuss the features of VLLO and how to download it on your Android phone.

What is VLLO?

VLLO is a mobile video editing app that allows you to create professional-looking videos in just a few taps. With VLLO, you can trim, crop, add music, text, stickers, and filters to your videos. It also has advanced features like chroma keying and speed control that can take your videos to the next level.

Features of VLLO

  • Intuitive Interface: The interface of VLLO is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can find all the tools you need on the main screen.
  • Powerful Editing Tools: With VLLO’s powerful editing tools, you can trim, split, merge, duplicate clips with ease. It also has features like reverse playback and voiceovers.
  • Music Library: VLLO has a built-in music library with royalty-free music tracks that you can use in your videos.
  • Sticker Collection: There are over 1,000 stickers available in VLLO that you can use to add some fun to your videos.
  • Filters: You can choose from over 20 filters to enhance the look of your videos.

How to Download VLLO on Android

Downloading and installing VLLO on your Android device is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  2. Search for “VLLO” in the search bar.
  3. Select the VLLO app from the search results.
  4. Tap the “Install” button to download and install the app.

System Requirements:

To run VLLO on your Android device, you need to have Android 5.0 or later. The app is compatible with most Android devices.


In conclusion, VLLO is a powerful video editing app that is available for Android users. It has a user-friendly interface and advanced editing tools that allow you to create professional-looking videos in just a few taps. Download VLLO today and start creating amazing videos!