Is There an App for AirPods on Android?

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Are you an Android user who recently got their hands on a pair of Apple’s AirPods? If so, you may be wondering if there is an app available for Android users to get the most out of their AirPods. The short answer is yes, there are a few options available.

Apple Music App

One option for Android users is to download the Apple Music app. Although it’s primarily used for streaming music, it also has some features specifically designed for AirPods. With the Apple Music app, you can change the name of your AirPods, customize the double-tap gesture on each earbud, and check the battery life of your AirPods and charging case.

AirBattery App

Another option is to download the AirBattery app from the Google Play Store. This app displays the battery level of your AirPods and charging case in real-time on your Android device, similar to how it would appear on an iPhone. It also provides notifications when your AirPods are connected or disconnected from your device.

Assistant Trigger App

The Assistant Trigger app is another option for Android users looking to get more out of their AirPods. This app allows you to set custom actions when you double-tap on either earbud. For example, you could set a double-tap to play or pause music, skip to the next track, or even launch Google Assistant.


While there isn’t an official Apple-designed app for Android users specifically for their AirPods like there is for iPhone users, there are still several options available that allow Android users to access some of the functionality offered by Apple’s proprietary app. Whether it’s through downloading apps like Apple Music or using third-party apps like Assistant Trigger or AirBattery, Android users can still enjoy using their AirPods to their full potential.