Is the Android Auto App Free?

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Are you considering installing the Android Auto app but wondering whether it comes at a cost? The good news is that Android Auto is entirely free! This app has become increasingly popular among drivers who want to make their driving experience safer and more convenient.

What is Android Auto?

Before we delve into the cost of the app, let’s first understand what Android Auto is. Android Auto is an application developed by Google that allows drivers to access various smartphone functions while on the road. This app connects to your car’s display, allowing you to control your phone without having to take your hands off the wheel.

Features of Android Auto

Android Auto offers several features that make it an essential application for most drivers. Some of these features include:

  • Hands-free calling: You can make and receive calls without touching your phone.
  • Music and media: You can play music, audiobooks, and podcasts from various apps such as Spotify, Google Play Music, and Audible.
  • Navigation: You can get real-time traffic updates, directions and access Google Maps for navigation.
  • Voice commands: With voice commands, you can control different functions in the app without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

The Cost of Android Auto

As mentioned earlier, Android Auto is entirely free! You can download it from the Google Play Store for free.

However, note that some automakers may charge extra for integrating this app into their cars’ infotainment systems. In such cases, you may need to pay an additional fee for hardware or software upgrades.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a safe and convenient way to access your smartphone functions while driving, Android Auto is the perfect app for you. The best part is that it’s entirely free! With its hands-free calling, music and media player, navigation, and voice commands features, you’ll enjoy a seamless driving experience.