Is My Hisense TV Android?

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Is My Hisense TV Android?

If you’re a proud owner of a Hisense TV, you might be wondering if it runs on the Android operating system. Android TVs have gained popularity for their seamless integration with Google services and access to a wide range of apps through the Google Play Store. In this article, we’ll explore whether your Hisense TV is indeed an Android TV.

Understanding Hisense TVs

Hisense is a well-known brand in the television industry, offering a diverse range of smart TVs to cater to different user needs. While some of their models are powered by the Android operating system, not all Hisense TVs are Android TVs.

Hisense uses different operating systems for their smart TVs, including proprietary platforms like VIDAA and Roku TV. These platforms provide similar functionality to an Android TV but have their own unique interfaces and app stores.

Differentiating Between Hisense Smart TVs

To determine if your Hisense TV is an Android TV or not, there are a few key indicators to look out for:

  • User Interface: Android TVs have a distinct user interface that closely resembles the stock version of Android found on smartphones and tablets. If your Hisense TV has an interface that looks similar to your Android smartphone, it’s likely an Android TV.
  • Google Play Store: One of the major advantages of owning an Android TV is access to the Google Play Store. This allows you to download popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify directly onto your TV.

    Check if your Hisense TV has the Google Play Store pre-installed; if it does, then it’s an Android TV.

  • Voice Assistant: Many newer Hisense Android TVs come with built-in Google Assistant support. You can use voice commands to search for content, control playback, and even control smart home devices. If your Hisense TV offers this feature, it’s likely an Android TV.

Alternative Operating Systems on Hisense TVs

If your Hisense TV does not meet the above criteria, it’s likely running on a different operating system. Here are a couple of alternatives you might come across:


VIDAA is Hisense’s proprietary smart TV operating system. It offers a user-friendly interface with easy access to popular apps and streaming services. While VIDAA does not have the extensive app selection of Android TV, it still provides a decent range of entertainment options.

Roku TV:

Roku TV is another operating system used by some models of Hisense TVs. Roku offers a simple and intuitive interface with access to a vast collection of streaming channels. Similar to VIDAA, Roku TV may not have the same app selection as Android TV but offers a solid streaming experience.


In conclusion, not all Hisense TVs are Android TVs. While some models run on the Android operating system and offer features like the Google Play Store and Google Assistant, others utilize proprietary platforms like VIDAA or Roku TV. To determine if your Hisense TV is an Android TV, look for indicators such as the user interface, presence of the Google Play Store, and built-in voice assistant functionality.

Regardless of whether your Hisense TV is an Android TV or not, rest assured that you’ll still be able to enjoy a wide range of entertainment options through various apps and streaming services provided by these different operating systems.