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ID Please – Club simulation  mod apk is a currently released game that Lion Studios present. After its release, it became the top best game and attracted many players. ID Please is the game which stimulates the nightclub in the center of the city and shows a gathering of many young people.
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Lion Studios
April 10, 2022
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ID Please – Club simulation mod apk is a currently released game that Lion Studios presents. After its release, it became the top best game and attracted many players. ID Please is the game that stimulates the nightclub in the center of the city and shows a gathering of many young people. Moreover, it is not a child’s gameplay but for young adults.

Although it is extremely simple gameplay, still it becomes successful to attract players. It’s all because of its highly stress-relieving and addictive charm features. ID Please Club Simulation is released on various PC, iOS, and Android platforms. So you are not bound to one.

ID Please – Club Simulation MOD APK


When you play the game, you will notice how simple it is. All the controls and tempo of the game are convenient for new players. In this game, you will play the role of the guard who is standing at the club door, and his primary objective is to check all the guests. He has to follow the club rules according to policy. In this way, the guard will find some displeased guests who want to enter the club but in illegal ways.

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You have to capture them, and before entering the club, you ask them to show their ID card. Now you have to check whether it is valid and authentic or not. Before the game start, you will receive about 3 invitations each day from three different and known night club of the city. 

On each card, the salary and working time are mentioned. In this way, you have to select the card which pays you a high salary. The player has to watch some ads most of the time, which will pay more in return. Moreover, you must do work for consecutive seven days. These seven days further consist of three different shifts.

For each shift, there are different rules which you have to follow. For example, the requirement of the club is specifically for the first day like o check the age of guests. Only up to 21 years old guests are permitted to get entry. On the next day, the specific requirement for night club is to wear red clothes, and they are prohibited from drinking.

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Always be Attentive

As you play the role of a security guard at the nightclub, you have to face many weird guests who will behave badly. You have to handle them. They will try their best to underestimate you. These people want to give you money as a bribe and will forge their ID cards. In this way, ID Please Club Simulation wants you to be the cold head. You are not allowed to lose your temper, and you have to overcome it. Besides, you have to become a sensitive guard to recognize the frauds well.

Furthermore, you will surely meet some angry guests, so you must be ready to fight. Consequently, prevent all these types of conflict and ensure that the selected nightclub is operating professionally.


The intuitive game – ID Please Club Simulation is an extremely simple and easy control system. If you play on PC, mobile or iOS, it does not require practice or gaming control skills. You need to swipe and touch the controls. It is similar to the Tinder, where one selects their mate to date.

Just swipe right to allow the guest enters the club, and if you are not allowing them, you have to swipe it in your left hand. On the other hand, you will also face guests who do not follow the nightclub requirement but hold VIP cards. For those, it’s up to you; either you allow them or reject them to enter the club.


In the ID Please game, you have to select the gender, as male or female. Besides, the characters will find an apartment near the club. Furthermore, the player can modify their apartment gradually from small, medium to deluxe, which involves many luxurious facilities. But for this, you have to pay additional charges.

Achievements and Items

In return for a security guard job, you will get a salary according to your working condition and attitude. On each level, you will get stars as a reward. If you have 3 stars, it means you access more money. Additionally, if you sort out the issues well, prevent a fight, and serve the VIPs, you will get tip money which increases your reward. You can use these rewards and buy accessories for your apartment. Don’t forget to find goggles that make you attractive. It turns you into a professional guard.


ID Please Club simulation is one of the top-rated games which involve the best graphics. You can see the characters in a cool and modern style. Besides, the guests are well dressed and unique.

How to download:

  • To download the ID Please Club Simulation, you have to move towards the Google Play Store and iOS store. 
  • Put the name in the search engine of Google Play and click enter
  • The game icon will appear
  • Click on the Download option
  • It takes a few minutes to download
  • After downloading, install it on your device
  • Make your account and enjoy the game.


Hopefully, you go through the entire blog and know the downloading method. Now you can install it and enjoy the game by earning coins. Let us know how it proves as entertaining and which of the features you like the most.



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