How to Play Music on Discord Android / iOS App?

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Are you a music lover who wants to share your favorite tunes with friends on Discord? Look no further!

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to play music on the Discord Android/iOS app. So grab your headphones and let’s get started!

Step 1: Download and Install the Discord App

If you haven’t already, head over to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download the Discord app. Once downloaded, install it on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Create or Join a Voice Channel

To play music on Discord, you’ll need to be in a voice channel. If you’re already part of a server, join one by tapping on the voice channel listed in the server’s sidebar.

If you don’t have a server yet, create one by tapping on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen and selecting “Create Server”. Then invite your friends to join!

Step 3: Add a Music Bot

To play music on Discord, we’ll be using a music bot. There are several popular bots available such as Groovy, Rythm, and FredBoat. These bots allow you to stream music from various sources like YouTube and Spotify.

To add a bot to your server, visit their respective websites (Groovy –, Rythm –, FredBoat – and follow their instructions for inviting them to your server.


  • Make sure you have the necessary permissions to add bots to your server.
  • Some bots offer premium features at an additional cost, but they also have free versions with basic functionality.

Step 4: Invite the Bot to Your Voice Channel

Once you’ve added a music bot to your server, you’ll need to invite it to your voice channel. To do this, type a command like “!play <song name or URL>” in a text channel on your server. The bot will then join your voice channel and start playing the requested song.


  • Each music bot has its own set of commands. Check their respective websites for a list of available commands and how to use them.

Step 5: Control the Music Playback

Now that the bot is playing music in your voice channel, you can control the playback using various commands. For example:

  • To pause or resume playback: Use the command “!pause” or “!resume“.
  • To skip to the next song: Use the command “!skip“.
  • To adjust the volume: Use the command “!volume <percentage>“. For example, “!volume 50%” will set the volume to 50%.
  • To view the current queue: Use the command “!queue“. This will display a list of upcoming songs.


You now know how to play music on the Discord Android/iOS app. Enjoy sharing your favorite tunes with your friends and create a lively atmosphere in your voice channels. Happy listening!