How to Install XVRView APK From Your Android Phone?

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Installing the XVRView APK on your Android phone is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring that you can quickly install the app and start using it to view your favorite videos.

Step 1: Download the XVRView APK

The first step in installing XVRView is to download the APK file. You can easily find this file online by doing a quick search. Once you’ve found the file, download it onto your phone.

Step 2: Enable App Installations From Unknown Sources

Before you can install the app, you need to make sure that your phone is set up to allow installations from unknown sources. To do this, go to your phone’s settings and select “Security.” From there, enable “Unknown Sources.”

Note: It’s important to remember that enabling installations from unknown sources can pose a security risk. Be sure that you only download apps from trusted sources.

Step 3: Install the XVRView APK

Once you’ve downloaded the XVRView APK and enabled installations from unknown sources, it’s time to install the app. Navigate to where you downloaded the APK file and tap on it. You’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to install the app – select “Install.”

Advanced Installation Options

If you’re an advanced user or have experience with Android development, there are some additional installation options available.

Sideload Using ADB

One option is to sideload the app using ADB (Android Debug Bridge). This method requires some technical knowledge but allows for more control over the installation process.

  • Connect your phone to your computer via USB.
  • Open a command prompt or terminal window and navigate to where ADB is installed.
  • Type “adb devices” to ensure that your phone is connected.
  • Type “adb install [filename].apk” to install the app.

Install from Google Play Store

Finally, XVRView is available on the Google Play Store. If you prefer to download apps from trusted sources, you can simply search for XVRView on the Play Store and install it from there.


Installing the XVRView APK on your Android phone is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few steps. Whether you choose to download the APK file directly or use advanced installation options like sideloading or installing from the Google Play Store, you’ll be able to quickly start using this powerful video viewer.