How Much Does It Cost to Convert an iOS App to Android?

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If you’re an iOS app developer looking to expand your reach and cater to Android users, you might be wondering how much it costs to convert an iOS app to Android. The truth is, there’s no straightforward answer to this question as the cost of conversion can vary greatly depending on various factors.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Converting an iOS App to Android

  • App Complexity: The complexity of your app is one of the most significant factors affecting the cost of conversion. If your app has a simple user interface and basic features, the cost will be lower than if it has complex functionalities and a sophisticated UI.
  • Development Time: The time required for converting your iOS app to Android also plays a crucial role in determining the overall cost.

    The longer it takes to complete the development process, the higher the costs will be.

  • Developer Location: The location of your developer can also affect costs. Developers in different countries charge different rates based on their experience and skill level.
  • Third-Party Integrations: If your iOS app integrates with third-party services or APIs that are not available on Android, you’ll need to invest additional time and resources to find suitable alternatives or build custom integrations.

The Average Cost of Converting an iOS App to Android

On average, converting an iOS app to Android can range anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 or more. However, this is just a rough estimate and does not take into account any unique requirements or complexities involved in your project.

The cost breakdown for converting an iOS app to Android includes:

  • User Interface: This involves designing a user interface that works well with Android devices. The cost can range from $1,000 to $5,000.
  • Development: The cost of development depends on the complexity of the app and can range from $10,000 to $50,000 or more.
  • Testing: Testing is crucial to ensure that your Android app works seamlessly across various devices and operating systems.

    This can cost between $2,000 to $5,000.

  • Marketing: Once your Android app is ready, you’ll need to invest in marketing and promotion to attract users. The cost can vary depending on the marketing strategy you choose.


Converting an iOS app to Android requires time, effort, and money. It’s essential to understand that costs can vary greatly depending on various factors such as app complexity, development time, developer location, and third-party integrations.

If you’re looking for a reliable developer who can help you convert your iOS app to Android within your budget and timeframe, it’s crucial to do thorough research before making a decision. Make sure that the developer has experience working with both iOS and Android platforms and can provide you with references or case studies.

By considering all these factors and taking calculated steps towards converting your iOS app to Android, you can successfully expand your reach and cater to a wider audience while ensuring that your investment pays off in the long run.