How Do You Use Android TV?

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Android TV is a smart TV operating system that was developed by Google. It allows users to access various streaming services, music, videos, and games on their television screens. Android TV has a user-friendly interface and can be operated using a remote control or a mobile device.

Setting up your Android TV
To use Android TV, you need to set it up first. Here are the steps for setting up your Android TV:

Step 1: Connect your Android TV to your television set using an HDMI cable. Step 2: Turn on your Android TV and follow the setup process.

Step 3: Connect your android device with the same Wi-Fi network as of your Android Tv. Step 4: Open Google Home app on your android device and add your Android Tv as a new device in the app.

Navigating the Interface
Once you have set up your Android TV, you can start navigating through its interface. The home screen of Android TV will provide you several options for accessing apps, games, movies, etc. The interface is quite similar to other smart devices and easy to use.

How to install apps on Android TV?

Android TVs come with pre-installed apps like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video etc. But sometimes we need more than that. Here’s how you can install new apps on it:

  • Option 1:
    • Select Play Store from the Home Screen.
    • Browse or search for any app that you want to install.
    • Select Install button once found.
  • Option 2:
    • You can also download APK files from the internet.
    • Upload the downloaded APK file to cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox.
    • Install a file explorer app like ES File Explorer on your Android TV.
    • Open the file explorer app and navigate to the folder where you saved the APK file.
    • Select the APK file and click on Install button.

How to cast using Android TV?

Android TV allows you to cast or mirror your android device screen wirelessly. Here are the steps for casting using Android TV:

  • Option 1:
    • Make sure that your Android device and Android TV are connected to same Wi-Fi network.
    • Open any app that you want to cast on your mobile device.
    • Select Cast icon from notification bar or menu of that app.
    • Select your Android TV’s name from list of available devices. And, tap Cast My Screen button on mobile device

    Cast Devices

    Casting from left-hand side menu on an Android phone (Image credit: Google)

    Casting on Android TV

    Casting to Android TV (Image credit: Google)

  • Option 2:
    • You can also cast your device using Google Home app.
    • Open the Google Home app on your mobile device.
    • Select the Cast icon from the top-right corner of the screen.
    • Select your Android TV from the list of available devices.
    • Choose what you want to cast and start casting it to your TV.

How to use voice search on Android TV?

Android TV has a voice search feature that allows you to search for content using your voice. Here are the steps for using voice search on Android TV:

  • Press and hold the microphone button on your remote control or mobile device.
  • Say what you want to search for, such as “Movies with Tom Cruise”.
  • Your results will appear on the screen. You can select any of them using the remote control or mobile device.

In conclusion,

Android TV is a great way to enjoy various streaming services, music, videos, and games directly on your television screen. With its user-friendly interface and easy navigation, it’s an excellent addition to any home entertainment setup. By following these simple steps, you can easily set up and enjoy all that Android TV has to offer.