How Do I Watch USB on My Android TV?

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Are you struggling to watch your favorite movies or TV shows through your USB on your Android TV? You’re not alone.

Many people find it challenging to connect their USB devices to their Android TV and play the content. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to watch USB on your Android TV with ease.

Step 1: Check Your Android TV’s USB Compatibility

Not all Android TVs support USB playback. Before connecting your USB device, check if your TV supports it. You can do this by looking up your TV’s specifications online or checking the manual that came with it.

Step 2: Connect Your USB Device

Once you’ve confirmed that your Android TV supports USB playback, the next step is to connect your device. Here’s how:

  • Locate the USB port on your Android TV.
  • Insert the USB device into the port.
  • Your TV should recognize the device automatically.

Step 3: Access Your Files

Now that you’ve connected your device, the next step is to access its files. Here’s how:

  • Using your remote control, navigate to the Home screen of your Android TV.
  • Select ‘Media’ from the options.
  • Navigate to ‘Photos,’ ‘Videos,’ or ‘Music’ depending on what type of content you want to watch.
  • Select ‘USB’ as the source for playing media files.
  • You’ll now be able to browse and play content from your USB device!

Tips for Smooth Playback

Here are some tips for smooth playback when watching media files from your USB device:

  • Make sure that the file format is supported by your Android TV. Check your TV’s manual for a list of supported formats.
  • Ensure that the USB device is formatted to a compatible file system such as FAT32 or NTFS.
  • If you’re experiencing playback issues, try transferring the files to a different USB device or a different file format.


With these simple steps, you can easily watch media files from your USB device on your Android TV. Just make sure that your TV supports USB playback, connect your device, and access your files through the Media option on the Home screen. With this knowledge, you can sit back, relax and enjoy all of your favorite content without any hassle!