How Do I Transfer Files From USB to Android TV Box?

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How Do I Transfer Files From USB to Android TV Box?

Transferring files from a USB drive to an Android TV box is a simple process that allows you to enjoy your favorite movies, music, and photos on the big screen. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to transfer files from a USB drive to your Android TV box.

Step 1: Connect the USB Drive

Firstly, connect your USB drive to one of the available USB ports on your Android TV box. Make sure that your TV box is turned on and running.

Step 2: Access File Manager

To transfer files, we need to navigate to the file manager on your Android TV box. Press the remote control’s “Home” button or look for an app launcher icon on your home screen that resembles a folder or file manager. Once you find it, select it and open the file manager application.


If you can’t find a file manager app on your Android TV box, you might need to install one from the Google Play Store. Simply go to the Play Store, search for “file manager,” and install a reliable app like ES File Explorer or X-plore File Manager.

Step 3: Locate USB Drive

In the file manager app, navigate through the directory structure until you locate your connected USB drive. It is usually labeled as “USB” or “External Storage.” Select it to access its contents.

Step 4: Select Files

Browse through the files and folders on your USB drive and select the files you want to transfer. To select multiple files at once, hold down the “Ctrl” key (or equivalent on your remote) and click on each file.

Step 5: Copy or Move Files

Once you have selected the files, you have two options: copy or move. If you choose to copy, the files will remain on the USB drive even after transferring. If you choose to move, the files will be removed from the USB drive and only exist on your Android TV box.

  • To copy the files, look for a copy/cut option in your file manager’s menu or toolbar. Select it, then navigate to a desired location on your Android TV box and paste the copied files.
  • To move the files, follow a similar process as copying but select the cut option instead of copy. Then navigate to a desired location and paste.

Step 6: Confirm Transfer

Wait for the transfer process to complete. Depending on the size and number of files being transferred, this may take some time. Once finished, you will see a confirmation message indicating that the transfer was successful.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Media!

You have successfully transferred files from your USB drive to your Android TV box! Now you can enjoy watching movies, listening to music, or viewing photos directly from your TV box’s internal storage without needing to keep the USB drive connected.


If you want to remove your USB drive safely from your Android TV box, go back to the file manager app and eject/unmount it before physically disconnecting it from the USB port.

With these simple steps, you can easily transfer files from a USB drive to an Android TV box. Enjoy unlimited entertainment right from your couch!