How Do I Transfer Files From Android to Laptop via Bluetooth?

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In today’s digital age, transferring files from one device to another has become a common practice. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, we can now transfer files wirelessly between devices. If you’re wondering how to transfer files from your Android phone to your laptop via Bluetooth, this tutorial is for you.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth on Your Laptop and Android Phone

Before you can begin transferring files, you need to make sure that both your laptop and Android phone have Bluetooth turned on. To do this, follow these steps:

For Laptop:

  • Click on the Start button and go to Settings.
  • Select Devices.
  • Select Bluetooth & other devices.
  • Toggle the switch to turn on Bluetooth.

For Android Phone:

  • Go to Settings and select Connected devices or Connection preferences (depending on your device).
  • Select Bluetooth.

Step 2: Pair Your Laptop with Your Android Phone

Once both devices have Bluetooth turned on, the next step is to pair them together. To do this:

For Laptop:

  • Go back to the Bluetooth & other devices screen in Settings.
  • Select Add Bluetooth or other device.
  • Select Bluetooth and wait for your laptop to detect your Android phone.
  • Select your phone from the list of available devices and click Pair.

For Android Phone:

  • In the Bluetooth settings menu, make sure that your phone is visible to other devices by toggling the Visibility switch ON.
  • Your laptop should now appear in the list of available devices. Select it and click Pair if prompted to enter a code, enter the code displayed on your laptop.

Step 3: Transfer Files from Android to Laptop via Bluetooth

Now that your devices are paired, you can start transferring files. Here’s how:

For Laptop:

  • Click on the Start menu and go to File Explorer.
  • Navigate to where you want to save the files and create a new folder if needed.
  • Click on the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar and select Send a File.
  • Select your Android phone from the list of paired devices.
  • Select the files you want to transfer and click Send.

For Android Phone:

  • Use the file manager app on your phone to navigate to the files you want to transfer.
  • Select the files and click Share or Send (depending on your device).
  • Select Bluetooth as the transfer method and choose your laptop from the list of available devices.


Transferring files from an Android phone to a laptop via Bluetooth is a quick and easy process. By following these simple steps, you can easily share photos, videos, music, and other files between your devices wirelessly. Remember to turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it to conserve battery life.