How Do I Transfer Audible Books From My Android to My Computer?

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If you are an avid audiobook listener, chances are that you have a vast collection of Audible books on your Android device. However, sometimes you may want to transfer these books to your computer for easier access or to free up space on your phone. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to transfer Audible books from your Android device to your computer.

What You Will Need

Before we start, make sure that you have the following things ready:

  • Your Android device with the Audible app installed
  • A USB cable to connect your phone to your computer
  • Your computer with the latest version of iTunes installed

Step 1: Connect Your Phone to Your Computer

The first step is to connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. Once connected, make sure that your phone is recognized by your computer and that you can access its files.

Step 2: Locate Your Audible Books on Your Phone

Next, navigate on your phone to the folder where Audible stores downloaded audiobooks. This folder is usually located in the internal storage under “Android” > “data” > “” > “content”.


If you are unable to locate this folder or cannot access it, try downloading a new book from Audible and then check again.

Step 3: Copy Your Audiobooks onto Your Computer

Once you have located the folder containing your audiobooks, simply copy and paste them onto a folder on your computer. You can create a new folder specifically for Audible books if necessary.

Make sure that you copy all of the files associated with each audiobook as they are usually split into multiple files.

Step 4: Import Your Audiobooks into iTunes

Now that you have transferred your Audible books to your computer, the final step is to import them into iTunes. To do this, simply open iTunes and go to “File” > “Add File to Library” or “Add Folder to Library” depending on how you organized your audiobooks.

Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed as older versions may not support importing Audible books.


That’s it! Now you know how to transfer your Audible books from your Android device to your computer.

This process can be useful for freeing up space on your phone or for accessing your audiobooks more easily. With these simple steps, you can easily transfer all of your favorite audiobooks onto any device with ease.