How Do I Make Google Home Android TV?

Android, Android TV

Google Home is a popular device that can be used to control other smart devices in your home. Android TV, on the other hand, is an operating system that can be found on various smart TVs and streaming devices.

Both of these devices offer unique features and benefits, but what if you could combine the two? In this tutorial, we will explore how to make Google Home Android TV.

What is Google Home?
Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. It allows you to play music, control smart home devices, set alarms and reminders, and much more. With Google Home, you can access information hands-free using just your voice.

What is Android TV?
Android TV is an operating system designed for smart TVs and streaming devices. It allows users to access various apps and services such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube directly from their TV. Android TV also offers voice search capabilities and personalized recommendations based on your viewing habits.

How to Make Google Home Android TV

To make Google Home Android TV, you will need a few things:

  • An Android TV device such as a smart TV or streaming device
  • A Google Home device
  • A stable internet connection

Once you have all of these things ready, follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect Your Devices

The first step in making Google Home Android TV is connecting your devices. To do this:

  1. Connect your Android TV device to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Set up your Google Home device using the Google Home app.
  3. In the Google Home app, tap on the plus sign in the top left corner.
  4. Select “Set up device” and choose “Works with Google”.
  5. Select “Have something already set up?” and search for “Android TV”.
  6. Follow the prompts to link your Android TV device to your Google Home device.

Step 2: Test Your Connection

Once your devices are connected, it’s important to test the connection to ensure that everything is working properly. To do this:

  1. Use the wake word “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” to activate your Google Home device.
  2. Say “Turn on my TV” or “Play (insert TV show or movie name) on my TV”.
  3. Your Android TV should turn on and start playing the content you requested.


If your devices are not responding as expected, try restarting them and reconnecting them.

Tips for Using Google Home Android TV

Now that you have successfully made Google Home Android TV, here are some tips for using it:

  • Use voice commands to control your smart home devices such as lights and thermostats.
  • Ask Google Assistant for personalized recommendations based on your viewing habits.
  • Control playback of videos using voice commands such as “Pause”, “Resume”, or “Skip ahead 30 seconds”.
  • Create routines in the Google Home app to automate tasks such as turning off lights and locking doors when you start watching a movie.

In Conclusion

Making Google Home Android TV is a simple process that can help you streamline tasks in your home and make entertainment more convenient. By following these steps, you can easily connect your devices and start enjoying hands-free control of your smart home and streaming content.