How Do I Install Third Party Apps on Android TV?

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Android TV is a smart television platform that is designed to provide an interactive and intuitive experience to its users. While the platform offers a range of applications on its own, you may want to install third-party apps that are not available on the Google Play Store. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps required to install third-party apps on Android TV.

What are Third-Party Apps?

Third-party apps are those that are not available on the official app store of a particular platform. These apps can be downloaded from other sources and installed manually. This means that you have to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ on your device before installing any third-party app.

How to Enable Unknown Sources on Android TV?

To enable Unknown Sources on your Android TV, follow these simple steps:

1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ from the home screen of your Android TV. 2.

Scroll down and select ‘Security & restrictions’. 3. Toggle on the option for ‘Unknown sources’.

How Do I Install Third-Party Apps?

Once you have enabled Unknown Sources, you can install third-party apps by following these steps:

1. Download the APK file of the app that you want to install from a trusted source. Open the ‘File Manager’ app on your Android TV.

Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the APK file. 4. Select the APK file and click on ‘Install’. 5. Wait for a few seconds until installation is complete.

It’s worth noting that not all third-party apps support Android TV and may not function properly or may not be optimized for use with a remote control.


By following these simple steps, you can easily install third-party apps on your Android TV and enjoy a wider range of content than what is available through official channels. However, it’s important to exercise caution when downloading and installing apps from unknown sources to ensure the safety and security of your device.