How Do I Install APK on Oculus Quest 2 With SideQuest?

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If you own an Oculus Quest 2, you know how amazing it is to have a VR headset that’s completely wireless and can be used anywhere. However, sometimes the apps available on the Oculus Store just aren’t enough. That’s where SideQuest comes in – an application designed to help users install third-party apps (APKs) onto their Oculus Quest 2.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use SideQuest to install an APK onto your Oculus Quest 2. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be enjoying new VR experiences in no time!

What You Will Need

Before we begin, make sure you have the following things:

  • An Oculus Quest 2
  • A Windows or Mac computer
  • A USB-C cable
  • The latest SideQuest software (downloadable from the official website)
  • The APK file of the app you want to install (make sure it’s compatible with the Oculus Quest 2)

Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you have everything ready, let’s get started!

Step One: Enable Developer Mode on Your Oculus Quest 2

To enable Developer Mode on your Oculus Quest 2, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Oculus app on your smartphone.
  2. Select Devices from the bottom menu.
  3. Select your Oculus Quest 2 headset.
  4. Select More Settings.
  5. Select Developer Mode.
  6. Toggle Developer Mode on.

Step Two: Connect Your Oculus Quest 2 to Your Computer

Connect your Oculus Quest 2 to your computer using a USB-C cable. Make sure your headset is turned on and that you’ve granted your computer permission to access it.

Step Three: Install SideQuest

Download the latest version of SideQuest from the official website and install it on your computer. Once installed, open the application.

Step Four: Enable ADB Debugging

To enable ADB debugging, follow these steps:

  1. Put on your Oculus Quest 2 headset.
  2. Select Settings from the bottom menu.
  3. Select Device.
  4. Select About.
  5. Select Build Number seven times until you see a message saying “You are now a developer!”
  6. Go back to the previous menu and select Developer.
  7. Toggle on USB Debugging.

Step Five: Install the APK onto Your Oculus Quest 2

Finally, we can install our APK! Follow these steps:

  1. In SideQuest, select the My Apps tab.
  2. Select Install APK in the top-right corner.
  3. Navigate to where you saved your APK file and select it.
  4. The installation process should begin automatically. You’ll see a progress bar in SideQuest showing how much time is remaining.
  5. Once the installation is complete, you can find your new app in the Unknown Sources tab of your Oculus Quest 2 library. Put on your headset and enjoy!


That’s it! With SideQuest, installing third-party apps onto your Oculus Quest 2 has never been easier. Just remember to only download and install apps from trusted sources to avoid any potential harm to your device.