How Do I Get an Amazon Prime Mod APK?


If you’re looking for a way to get Amazon Prime for free, you may have come across the term “Amazon Prime Mod APK”. This refers to a modified version of the Amazon Prime app that has been altered to bypass the subscription fees and grant users access to all its features without paying a dime.

However, using such apps can be risky as they may compromise your device’s security and violate Amazon’s terms of service. In this article, we’ll explore what an Amazon Prime Mod APK is, why it’s not recommended to use them, and some safer alternatives to enjoy free streaming on Amazon.

What is an Amazon Prime Mod APK?

An Amazon Prime Mod APK is essentially a hacked version of the official Amazon Prime app that has been modified by third-party developers. These developers remove the security measures implemented by Amazon and add extra code that tricks the app into thinking that you have a valid subscription. As a result, you can enjoy all of the benefits of having an Amazon Prime account without actually paying for it.

Why You Should Avoid Using an Amazon Prime Mod APK

While it may seem tempting to use an Amazon Prime Mod APK to access free content, doing so can have serious consequences. Firstly, these apps are not authorized by Amazon and therefore cannot be trusted.

They may contain malware or spyware that could harm your device or steal your personal information. Secondly, using these apps violates the terms of service set by Amazon and could result in legal action against you.

Additionally, since these apps are not supported by official channels such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store, they do not receive regular updates or security patches which make them vulnerable to security threats. Therefore, it’s best to avoid using such apps entirely.

Alternatives to Using an Amazon Prime Mod APK

Fortunately, there are several legitimate ways through which you can watch movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime for free, without resorting to using an Amazon Prime Mod APK. Here are some of them:

  • Free Trial: Amazon offers a 30-day free trial to new users who sign up for the service. This is a great way to enjoy all the features of Amazon Prime without spending any money.
  • Amazon Prime Student: If you’re a student, you can sign up for Amazon Prime Student and get six months of free access to the service.

    After that, you’ll be charged at a discounted rate.

  • Amazon Prime Video: You can also use Amazon Prime Video, a standalone streaming service from Amazon that offers movies and TV shows at no extra cost. However, the selection may be limited compared to the full Amazon Prime library.


While an Amazon Prime Mod APK may seem like an easy way to access premium content for free, it’s important to remember that using such apps can pose serious risks to your device and personal information. Instead, consider using legitimate ways such as free trials or discounted student rates to enjoy all the features of Amazon Prime without putting yourself in harm’s way.