How Do I Download APK From SideQuest?

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Are you looking to download APK files from SideQuest? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

SideQuest is an open-source platform that allows you to download and install third-party apps and games on your Oculus Quest headset. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to download APK files from SideQuest in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Enable Developer Mode on Your Oculus Quest
Before you can start downloading APK files from SideQuest, you need to enable developer mode on your Oculus Quest. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Connect your Oculus Quest to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Open the Oculus app on your computer.
  • Select the “Settings” option from the menu.
  • Click on the “Devices” tab.
  • Select your Oculus Quest headset from the list of devices.
  • Scroll down and click on the “More Settings” option.
  • Toggle the “Developer Mode” switch to enable it.

Once developer mode is enabled, you can proceed with downloading APK files from SideQuest.

Step 2: Download and Install SideQuest
Before you can start downloading APK files from SideQuest, you need to download and install the SideQuest software onto your computer. Here’s how:

  • Go to the official SideQuest website at
  • .

  • Click on the “Download for Windows/Mac/Linux” button depending on your OS.
  • Follow the installation instructions provided by SideQuest’s website.

    Once installed, launch SideQuest and connect your Oculus Quest headset to your computer via USB cable.

    Step 3: Download and Install APK Files from SideQuest
    Now that you have SideQuest set up on your computer and your Oculus Quest headset is connected, it’s time to download APK files from SideQuest. Here’s how:

    • Open SideQuest on your computer.
    • Click on the “Apps” tab at the top of the screen.
    • Browse through the list of available apps and games.
    • Select an app or game that you want to download by clicking on its name.
    • Click the “Install APK” button, which will be located below the app or game’s description.
    • Wait for the installation process to complete. It should take a few minutes.

      Once the installation is complete, you’ll be able to access your newly downloaded app or game from within your Oculus Quest headset.

      Downloading APK files from SideQuest is a simple process that requires just a few steps. By following this tutorial, you should now have a better understanding of how to download and install third-party apps and games onto your Oculus Quest headset using SideQuest. So go ahead and explore all that SideQuest has to offer!