How Can I Transfer Files From PC to Android via WiFi?

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Are you tired of the pesky cables and wires that come with transferring files from your PC to your Android device? Well, worry no more!

With the help of WiFi, you can easily transfer files between your PC and Android device without any hassle. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps of transferring files from your PC to your Android device via WiFi.

Step 1: Download and Install a WiFi File Transfer App on Your Android Device

To begin with, you need to download a reliable WiFi file transfer app from the Google Play Store on your Android device. There are various apps available such as AirDroid, ES File Explorer, and Xender that allow you to transfer files wirelessly. Choose an app that suits your needs and preferences.

Note: In this tutorial, we will be using AirDroid.

Step 2: Connect Your PC and Your Android Device to the Same WiFi Network

For successful file transfer over WiFi, both your PC and Android device need to be connected to the same WiFi network. Ensure that they are connected before proceeding further.

Step 3: Launch AirDroid on Your Android Device

After installing AirDroid on your Android device, launch it from the app drawer. You will see a screen displaying an IP address along with a QR code.


The IP address is unique for every device.

Step 4: Open Web Browser on Your PC

Open any web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) on your PC. Type in the IP address displayed on AirDroid’s screen followed by ‘:8888’ in the URL bar of the browser and press ‘Enter.’


For instance, if the IP address displayed is ‘,’ type ‘192.100:8888’ in the URL bar.

Step 5: Enter AirDroid Login Details

After typing the IP address and ‘:8888’ in the URL bar, press ‘Enter’ to access the AirDroid login page on your PC’s web browser. Enter your AirDroid login details (email ID and password) to log in.

Step 6: Transfer Files from Your PC to Your Android Device

Upon successful login, you will see a screen displaying different options such as ‘Photos,’ ‘Music,’ ‘Videos,’ and so on. Click on the option that corresponds to the type of file you want to transfer.


For instance, if you want to transfer a music file, click on the ‘Music’ option.

You will now see a screen displaying all the files of that particular type that are currently stored on your Android device. To transfer files from your PC to your Android device, click on the ‘Upload’ button present at the top of this screen.

Select the files you want to transfer from your PC by clicking on them and then click on ‘Open.’ The selected files will start uploading immediately.


You can also drag and drop files directly from your PC onto AirDroid’s web page for quick file transfer.

Once the upload is complete, you can access these files on your Android device by opening AirDroid and going to the corresponding category (Photos, Music, Videos, etc.).

Step 7: Disconnect Your Devices

After successful file transfer, it’s important to disconnect both devices for security reasons. On AirDroid’s web page, click on the ‘Log out’ button present at the top right corner of the screen. Then close both web browser windows on your PC and exit AirDroid on your Android device.


Transferring files from your PC to your Android device via WiFi is a quick and easy process. With the help of AirDroid or any other reliable WiFi file transfer app, you can easily transfer files without the use of cables or wires. So, try it out and enjoy hassle-free file transfer.