How Can I See SQLite Database Data Stored in Device in Android Studio?

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to view SQLite database data stored in a device using Android Studio. The SQLite database is widely used in Android applications to store structured data. Being able to view the data stored in the database is essential for debugging and troubleshooting purposes.


To follow along with this tutorial, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • An Android device or emulator running on Android API level 16 or above
  • Android Studio installed on your machine
  • A basic understanding of Android development and SQLite databases

Step 1: Setup the Project

Start by creating a new Android project in Android Studio. Choose an appropriate name and package for your project.

Add SQLite Database Helper Class

Next, create a new Java class called DatabaseHelper. This class will extend the SQLiteOpenHelper class and provide methods to create and upgrade the database.

In the DatabaseHelper class, override the onCreate(), onUpgrade(), and onDowngrade() methods as per your requirements.

Create Database Tables

In the onCreate() method of the DatabaseHelper, write SQL statements to create your desired database tables. You can use the CREATE TABLE syntax to define table structure.

Step 2: Accessing the Database Data

To view SQLite database data stored in your device, follow these steps:

1. Open Device File Explorer

First, open the Device File Explorer in Android Studio. You can find this option in the bottom right corner of the IDE.

2. Locate the Database File

In the Device File Explorer, navigate to /data/data//databases/. Here, you will find the SQLite database file corresponding to your application.

3. Pull the Database File

Select the database file and click on the Pull a file from device button in the top-right corner of the Device File Explorer window. Choose a location on your local machine to save the pulled database file.

Step 3: View Database Data using DB Browser for SQLite

To view the data stored in your SQLite database, you can use a third-party tool called DB Browser for SQLite. Download and install it on your machine.

1. Open DB Browser for SQLite

Launch DB Browser for SQLite and click on Open Database. Choose the pulled database file from your local machine. Explore Table Data

In DB Browser for SQLite, you will see a list of tables present in your database file. Select a table to view its data.

You can now see all the records stored in that table, along with their respective columns and values.


You have successfully learned how to view SQLite database data stored in a device using Android Studio and DB Browser for SQLite. This knowledge will help you in debugging and analyzing your database data during the development process.

Remember to handle sensitive data with caution and ensure that you have necessary permissions to access the SQLite database file in your Android device.

Happy coding!