How Can I Hide App on Android?

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Are you tired of seeing certain apps on your Android device’s app drawer? Do you wish to hide them from prying eyes or simply declutter your home screen?

Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we will explore different methods to hide apps on Android using built-in features and third-party applications.

Method 1: Using the App Drawer

If you want to hide an app without installing any additional software, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the App Drawer: Swipe up from the bottom of your home screen or tap the “Apps” icon on your home screen to access the app drawer.
  2. Tap and Hold: Locate the app you want to hide and long-press on its icon until a menu appears.
  3. Select “Disable” or “Uninstall”: Depending on your device and Android version, you may see either of these options. If you choose “Disable,” the app will be hidden from the app drawer but will still appear in other areas like search results or settings menus. If you select “Uninstall,” the app will be completely removed from your device.

Method 2: Using a Third-Party Launcher

If method 1 doesn’t work for your device or if you prefer more customization options, using a third-party launcher might be the solution. Here’s how:

  1. Install a Third-Party Launcher: Head over to the Google Play Store and search for launchers like Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, or Action Launcher. Install one that suits your preferences.
  2. Select Your New Launcher: After installation, press the home button on your device and choose the launcher you just installed.

    You will be prompted to set it as your default launcher.

  3. Hide Apps: Once you’ve set up the new launcher, long-press on your home screen to bring up customization options. Look for an option like “Hide Apps” or “App Drawer Settings.” Tap on it and select the apps you want to hide from the list that appears.

Method 3: Using an App Hider

If you want a more secure way to hide apps on Android, using an app hider might be a better choice. These apps provide additional security measures like password protection or fingerprint authentication. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Install an App Hider: Search for app hiders like “Parallel Space,” “App Hider,” or “Calculator Vault” on the Google Play Store. Install one that suits your needs.
  2. Add Apps to the Hider: Open the app hider and follow the instructions to add apps that you want to hide. This usually involves granting permissions and creating a secure space within the hider.
  3. Access Hidden Apps: To access hidden apps, open the app hider, enter any required security credentials, and navigate to the hidden apps section.

Note: Keep in mind that some Android devices have built-in features like “Secure Folder” (Samsung) or “AppLock” (MIUI) that can be used to hide apps without third-party applications. Explore your device’s settings menus for additional options.

In Conclusion

Hiding apps on Android can help maintain privacy and declutter your device. Whether you choose to use the app drawer, a third-party launcher, or an app hider, the choice ultimately depends on your preferences and device compatibility. Experiment with different methods to find the one that suits your needs best.

Remember, hiding apps doesn’t mean they are completely inaccessible. Experienced users can still find hidden apps using certain methods. Therefore, it’s essential to use additional security measures if you want to hide sensitive information.