How Can I Convert My PC to Android TV?

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Do you wish to convert your PC into an Android TV? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. With the help of some software and hardware components, you can easily transform your computer into an Android TV.

What is Android TV?

First, let’s understand what is Android TV. It is a smart television platform that runs on the Android operating system. It allows users to stream online content, play games and use various applications directly on their television.

Hardware Requirements:

To convert your PC into an Android TV, you would require some hardware components such as:

  • An HDMI cable
  • A TV tuner card
  • A remote control (optional)

Software Requirements:

Apart from hardware requirements, some software components are also necessary to convert your PC into an Android TV. These include:

  • An Android emulator (like Bluestacks or NoxPlayer)
  • An internet connection

Steps to Convert Your PC into an Android TV:

Step 1: Install an Android Emulator

The first step is to install an Android emulator on your PC. You can download any emulator of your choice from the internet. Bluestacks and NoxPlayer are popular choices among users.

Step 2: Connect Your PC to the Television

Once you have installed the emulator, connect your PC to the television using an HDMI cable. Make sure both devices are turned on.

Step 3: Install a TV Tuner Card (Optional)

If you wish to watch live television on your computer turned android tv then this step is crucial for you. Install a TV tuner card in your computer and connect it with your set-top box. This will enable you to watch live TV on your Android TV.

Step 4: Launch the Emulator and Install Apps

Launch the Android emulator and install various applications that you want to use on your Android TV. You can install streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu to watch your favorite shows and movies.

Step 5: Use a Remote Control (Optional)

If you have a remote control, you can connect it with your computer and use it to navigate through the various apps and features of your Android TV.


Converting your PC into an Android TV is relatively easy. With the help of some hardware components and an emulator, you can easily transform your computer into an Android TV.

You can enjoy streaming online content, playing games, or using various applications directly on your television. Try it out today!